Base pricing

C9 pricing works on 4 tiers; depending on what broad market you work in. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Our pricing doesn't care about how big or small you are. How many computers or staff you have. The mix of features you plan to use. Or how often you need help from us.

The c9 product you get is the same no matter what tier you are in. We don't turn features on or off. The pricing is designed to reflect the general complexity of supporting your business, our professional services support and work we need to continually do on the c9 product to make sure it is an effective tool for your business. Categories above are indicative only, and we will initially assess and occasionally review for shops which are on the margins.

We keep our pricing simple and we keep our pricing out of your way

Long term customer discount : 10 years continuously running c9: 10% discount off above base price.

30% of our customers are in the 10+ year club. we've been around for a while and our clients stick with us

Multiple locations

Our pricing is is based on a single site. If you are a bigger operation with a couple of different locations, we have discounted pricing for second and 3rd business. 4th site onwards is standard pricing.

Add-ons and Extras

There are many costs we eat as part of products and services we provide. But some we pass on because it isn't viable for us to cover them as part of our base pricing. Listed here.

Installation fees

Our install fees are generally much less than the cost to us to provide the training and installation. Generally we don't break even for a year or 3 with most customers. But we back ourselves and we back our product that you'll love it and you'll sick with us for years to come. We price ourselves so that it is in our best interests that you succeed in adopting c9. We price c9 installation so that you have some skin invested in it and want to see it succeed too.

Other professional services

What happens after I move on?

You sell off your business or otherwise move on? We'll still be around to help you out. We offer a free version of c9 for our past clients who have moved on to new things. The free version does everything except allow you to raise new tax coded invoices. Finalize your debtors, access compliance accounting data and reports. That sort of thing. Always happy to chat with our past customers if they ever need help. Once you are onboard with c9, we'll always take care of you no matter what.