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Important note, copied from Quickbooks Australia website: The QuickBooks products which use the API identically are QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise only. EasyStart, Accounting and Plus do not permit integration.

To Synchronize C9 to Quickbooks you need to run C9 on a terminal where quickbooks is running. Open you your quickbooks file then run c9. In c9 goto:

  • Business
  • Synchronize

Click on Synchronize

Quickbooks will popup asking you to allow C9 to access quickbooks. Recommend select the 'Yes, whenever this file is open' option. And press Continue...

Upon confirmation. Synchronization of received spares orders will begin.  When c9 encounters a supplier which it does not know how to map to quickbooks it will popup a list of your quckbooks suppliers and ask you to select the supplier in quickbooks that matches the supplier in c9.

Synchronization allows you to configure how far back to go (defaults 30 days).  C9 will only synchronize items once and it memorises what it synchronized. So there is no risk of double synchronization occurring.