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C9 has for some time now offered a complete end to end web solution that permits online shopping.

But for dealers that already have a website,  your web site developers now can access your c9 database from within the website, to browse spares, units, and place web orders that appear automatically within c9 point of sale!  The access, just like c9 provided website, works 24x7 and does not require you to have your c9 system running all the time.  This will allow you to engage your web site provider to provide a polished web shopping front to your business that perfectly preserves your websites looks and feel and is tightly integrated into c9.

Technical details for web developers

The integration technology is based on HTTP JSON.  Your website can query the dealer database by accessing the web resource at the URL:

We at c9 have provided a simple to use HTML based frontend to this to allow you to explore the API options and the JSON payloads that are sent and received from the webserver.  You can explore it here:

The above link also includes fully functioning example PHP code that shows how to access the JSON web service API, the example PHP can be run as is, as a working demo, and you can also view the raw PHP source code.

Session management is either done via cookies  (the cookie apisid is used to track sessions) or you can send the session ID explicitly in JSON payload as "session".

In order to grant access to a given dealership, to get the required username and password, please contact the dealer in question. The dealer in turn will need to c0ntact c9 in order to enable API access and learn how to set password access.

If you have technical questions, contact barney, as per Barney's contact details here.