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Moving c9 database server onto a different/new computer is reasonably straight forward.


The critical thing to ensure is that you do not end up with a network where there are two databases running on the one network. Result of this can be disasterous.  So work through steps carefully and pay close attention to steps that are concerned with validating that the old server has indeed being removed

 On old server:

  1. go into control panel/programs and uninstall c9 database installer
  2. Make sure database is uninstalled by doing the following:
    • Confirm c9 can no longer run on the old server
    • Confirm there are no postgres.exe processes in process table (make sure you select show all processes in process table)
    • Perform both steps above after a reboot of old server
  3. copy c:\c9db\ folder from old server to new server into a c:\c9db\ folder on new server
    • IMPORTANT: make sure you copy empty directories too! These are important and database will not start without them, some copy processes will skip over these, make sure you use a copy process that picks these up too. example folder that is usually empty: \c9db\8.4\data\pg_tblspc (there are many others too)

On new server:

  1. download following from our website in downloads section (C9 database installer, contact us to confirm which version to download):
  2. run the above
  3. follow instructions on setup a new terminal on new server to verify c9 is working on server. (
  4. For other terminals, follow steps 6 onwards in above 'how to add a new terminal' help page


  1. In c9 go and look at history/activity : in business -> activity, spares -> reprint invoices -> and/or workshop jobs to confirm everything looks like it should look and is up2date. That there are no missing invoices etc
  2. Keep an eye on backup status in top right for next day or so.  If it goes from green to red let c9 know. Especially the verification status