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To upload an order you first need to export it out of c9. Exporting is similar to printing except it is saved as a file on your computer which is then to be uploaded into Honda Dealer.NET website.

Step 1: export from c9

Spares -> Orders -> Export. Select honda order you want to export.

Select export method 'OPEA'

Key in following:


Company ID : Hond

Dealer Code: Your dealer code as provided by Honda MPE

Dealer Phone : phone number for shop

Export Settings:  Setup a folder and file name.  c:\honda\ and honda.snd works fine.

Now when you click OK c9 will create the above file for you.

Step 2: login to honda dealer net website

Get username/password from Honda MPE

Under parts click on "Parts Quick Order" - this will take you to HOOS system.

Step 3: upload order

Click on DMS on the left hand menu, then click Load a DMS File


Click Browse, and navigate to where you saved the OPEA file (i.e. c:\honda) and select it. Honda.snd

From here you can then accept/approve order. Order should now be submitted.