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Release 4.704 December 12, 2017 barney

This version includes changes to receive spares to make process of receiving units for power equipment suppliers alot easier.  The receive process can now be used to receive spares and units.  Especially useful for P/E suppliers who will put things like trimmers etc on an invoice with parts.

How it works is that parts in c9 can be associated with basic unit particulars. For example in F6 view/change part:

Then in receive spares section parts and units are denoted with an icon on receive screen.

On modifying unit items, you can specify specific per unit particulars. Such as vin/serial numbers.

When using c9's Electronic import option, c9 will guide operator through process of filling in missing data as needed during receive. So receive process should be fairly intuitive.


Other changes:

  • Yamaha magician.  Was not failing gracefully if username/password was incorrect. Now fixed
  • Units tweaks
    • Modify unit with goods only : Remove extraneous 'owner' field. only applies for units under consignment
    • Business -> Activity. Allow deletion of goods only units from this screen.
  • Workshop checklist tweaks and bug fixes
    • Added a 'force refresh' button to refresh checklists based on template checklists from jobs and estimates. On key screens (modify + complete )
    • Under some circumstances a checklist would not refresh correctly. For example, a job with a single estimate, if you removed the estimate checklists associated with  that checklist would not automatically clear.
    • Under some circumstances additions to a template checklist linked to a job type or estimate would not replicate perfectly onto the job checklist. Now fixed. (would only replicate if a base checklist item had been added. Would not replicate items deeper into the checklist tree)
    • Check all options would not show deeply nested items as checked when printed out. Would only show immediate items below the checked item as checked. Now fixed
    • Checklist printout : would not print complete group name under some circumstances with deeply nested checklists. Now fixed
  • AusPOST integration changes
    • Bugfix with modifying page types in setup. Was not returning custom option. Now fixed, now possible to set for example, EP paper as a4-3pp
    • Capture delivery instructions
    • Allow configuration of delivery freight to 2 decimal places
    • Allow label(s) to be forcefully recreated if needed. Saves having to delete a shipment and start over
  • Other tweaks
    • Website structure. Do not show orphaned menu items
    • Point of sale, web orders  + reserve / pickup combo : default deposit to value of goods instead of $0
    • Disambiguate Husky p/e and husky bike order export methods : tweak names in list