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Release 4.727 April 30, 2018 barney

Update includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Online backup status .Provide visual feedback in a terminal that a hot restore is in progress when reinstalling a c9 database from online backups. e.g.:
  • New experimental optional statement format that prints statement in 'open invoice' style. Showing invoices and applied payments if any. i.e.:
  • Email
    • added support for multiple email accounts.  Mainly intended for working around email systems that are very restrictive about From: addresses. e.g. outlook cloud email.
  • Per customer profit summary
    • Allow generation of profit summary for a single customer. To access : view contact -> activity tab. Profit summary button there
  • Smaller Tweaks
    • View Transactions. Include button to quickly access print statement.  Prints the statement in new 'open invoice' style defaulting to statement period of current month+prev month.
    • Receive order duplicate inv no check nag : make check case insensitive, so both 'test123' and 'TEST1234 match and will trigger the nag
  • Bug Fixes
    • Updating c9 when using latest postgres database (10) fails to detect other terminals running, resulting in failing/broken upgrade processes. Now fixed as of upgrading to this version of c9
    • Unit deals. If you flip a unit on a deal to GST exempt and save it, it is impossible to flip the unit back to inc gst without removing and readding the unit onto the deal. Now fixed
    • Modify staff : missing a 'can process credits/returns' option on staff even though option was available in setup and was being enforced
Release 4.726 April 23, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Bug fixes
    • Cash/Bank reconciliation improvements. Previously would not identify txns skipped in prior reconciliations as discordant and needing reconciliation under some circumstances. (specifically txns added on same day reconciliation after the reconciliation would not register). Now fixed
    • Record BAS payment.  Was failing when attempting to record a withheld payment. Now fixed.
    • Yamaha magician : filter out Auckland data.
  • Tweaks
    • Dead stock report  : default consideration for min=0,max=0 as dead stock to disabled by default. This option as it is trips up more people than the alternative.
    • Spares : discount figure was limited to <10k.  Now allow values upto 100k.
    • Import price file. Do not purge stock file records. Too many things anchor to stock these days it no longer makes sense for c9 to do this, especially website content. Instead from now on any purging will be manual individual or bulk processes.
    • Added magician support for GAS Imports. (Note that reported data can be upto a week old)
Release 4.725 April 17, 2018 barney
  • Export order to another c9 dealer. Some ergonomic changes:
    • Do not allow OK button to be pressed until an actual dealer is selected. Pressing OK without a dealer selected would have undefined results
    • Show dealer last used for an order, even if they do not match current filter conditions in select list
  • View contact txns : colour code base on txn trial balance type (debtor, supplier or depositor txn type)
  • KTM image image: some tweaks to try and deal with repeating errors from their website
  • Bank/cash reconciliation: provide a couple of informational buttons
    • Show complete posted journal
    • Show post item details. Shows the item ,the post, linked activity record (if any) and any prior reconciliation recordings
  • Unit spec details on parts : include buttons to access default type/model listing.
  • Bugfixes
    • Backdated unit sales would not post journal on correct date. Would instead post on todays date. Causes issues mostly for cash/bank reconciliation. Now fixed.

Expect that will receive updates every couple of weeks.  Magician availability inquiry also coming soon.

Release 4.724 April 9, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks
    • Unit deals : tweak message on finalise deal about parts on order. Was misleading in that is suggested parts still on order need to be handled manually. C9 order receive will process parts on order for units sold normally.
    • Payment methods.  Allow methods to be configured for allowed usage.
      • In only : only applies to receiving money from customers. Cannot be used for refunds or paying supplier bills
      • Only out : only applies for supplier bills / customer refunds etc
      • In + Out (default):  no restriction
    • Suppliers : added a couple of new txn types. Supplier credit note/supplier debit note. Used to prime balances etc
    • View transactions : show balances on this window.
    • Cash till count : allow -ve paidout figures
    • New workshop sublet/other report. Provides detailed breakdown of sublets on the go
    • Removed old/obscure method of putting consignment units onto a website. Internal guts of this was rewired to track deleted units instead
    • Add spares to Workshop job. New option to allow emailing of picking list
    • EPC Fiche:  highlight/group parts which share same hotspot. e.g. for piston / ring sets of varying size. Grouping is strictly based on location on the screen for hotspot, not shared reference #.
  • Bugfixes
    • Website: creating a website structure from pricefile attributes would blow away side menus. Now fixed. (caused by incorrect orphan pruning code. Removed the pruning code)
    • Incorrect handling of supplier bill money for txn archiving. Now fixed.
    • EPC importing: some images after importing look unreadable, washed out etc. Obvious with Husky.  Fixed : need to do a reimport fiche.  Cause: c9's image importing does s auto-contrast/balance correction which can dramatically improve visuals of some images, especially hi-res images with fine lineart. The algorithms were broken where source image has a lower color bitdepth than what c9 renders them at.
Release 4.723 April 6, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  •  Fixes
    • SMS reminder for workshop booking . Was sending reminders for bikes received already but where work had not yet started.  Now fixed
    • Unit stock take report. Was not reporting on units which were received under goods only. Now fixed
    • Add/Modify web menu.  Option to allow setting of class/style.  Will allow us to style CMS pages different on a website based on this setting
    • KTM/Husky fiche import. Allow for long usernames, e.g. usernames that look more like full email addresses
  • Tweaks and improvements
    • Improved reporting of errors for sending SMS + Email. Will make diagnosing issues alot easier, making most system problems of this nature diagnosable within c9 itself. Example: