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Release 4.732 May 30, 2018 barney

Includes Database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Back office
    • When you record bills you can now select an expense area. e.g. 'Rent', 'Electricity' etc.  These will breakdown in profit summary report
    • Suppliers can be configured with a default expense area
    • About 20+ generic expense codes preloaded into chart of accounts
  •  Tweaks
    • Trial balances. New field on contacts that allows suppliers/debtors to be grouped + sub totaled on trial balances. (in misc details tab on modify contact)
    • Unit Sales lead. Allow entry of a next alert date.  C9 will nag active leads whose next alert date has passed
    • Move part on order.  Restrictions and UI change
      • Do not allow a part to be moved from one sent order to another. (i.e. from daily to stock).  Part must be moved back onto an active order only if it is in sent status
      • Visually warn user if moved they requested is non functional and do not close the window
    • Quick SMS / SMS Templates - defined placeholder name to be customers full name. Tweaked to make it consistent with other system SMS templates.  fullname now provides customers full name, while name, like other templates yields the first of the following fields which contain a value : contact, firstname, then falling back on name.
    • Unit Stock take report.  List units under consignment. Their owned value is forced to $0
  • Bug fixes
    • Import Price file.  Some price files would fail to import. WPS could trigger this. Cause : parts with long descriptions where descriptions contain extended character sets including symbols such as degree (°) or trademark (™) . Now fixed
    • BRP Magician lookup. Broken.  Working again
    • Customer paid encumbrances on purchased units not coming into c9 as bill collected / payments against the finance company when a supplier is selected. Now fixed.
    • Unit stock take, would not list units on the floor  at time indicated in stock take if unit was later merged/split. Now fixed
    • Print statements. New open invoice format would not print individual invoices where older statement format would. Now fixed
    • System level changes to email server config required restarting c9 messenger to pickup.  Now fixed so messenger automatically detects+uses new  email settings
    • Modify job purchase date, would not modify sale date for prior unit ownership records. Now fixed
    • Simple workshop job.  Would not compute labour for selected std labour costs if system lacked a default std labour cost and under some other difficult to replicate situations. Now fixed.
    • Add workshop item. Was not allowing setting of discount to 100%. Now fixed.
  • Misc
    • Pulled out some dead code connected to modifying jobs+units via a tablet based app. New design coming for this in near future.
    • Some low level changes to make certain types of miner reporting easier (added DB stored procs that return ledger types/tax codes in human readable form)
Release 4.731 May 28, 2018 barney

Bug fixes:

  • Regression: Last version of c9 broke orderbook search function. Now working again
  • Merge customer units. C9 would not let you merge a unit that was transferred from another customer treating it as a sold unit. Now fixed.


Release 4.730 May 23, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Added VicRoads marine related paperwork. Specifically:

  • Light trailer rego
  • Vessel Registration
  • Vessel Rego Transfer

Changes to better support dealing with paperwork across various concerns so a sale involving a trailer + hull + motor only prints trailer rego for trailer only and vessel rego for hull only. (Currently only applies to Vic other states to be updated later).

  • Ability to configure different unit types to indicate which paperwork is relevant to them. e.g. :
  • Option to configure contract of sale to print one contract per unit or one contract per sale. So for a unit sale involving trailer+hull+boat all 3 elements appear on a single contract particulars sheet. (only works for Vic at this time. Will adjust other states over time to facilitate this).

Other Changes

  • Drop Ship modifications
    • Change part allocation logic to work better with drop shipping.  When receiving orders, whether or not an order is drop shipped will affect priority of parts allocation to minimise/disallow allocation of parts likely drop shipped vs delivered to dealership.
    • Orderbook prefix dropship flagged orders with a [D] prefix.
    • Tighten up the logic on when to print drop shipping notice on print order. Previously would disregard dropship setting on franchise, now verifies order is actually drop shipped
  • UI Tweaks
    • Export Order via old-school export option (instead of orderbook). Warn user if order is already in sent state.
Release 4.729 May 14, 2018 barney
  • UI tweaks and design improvements to view transactions
    • Provide options to filter results based on trial balance type, deleted txns and whether or not txns are fully allocated
    • Provide a 'statement view' which shows txns and their linked txns in a heirarchy form. e.g:
  • Bug fixes
    • Delete an activity record/supplier txn linked to a floorplan operation does not delete the floorplan record nor update floorplan status. Now fixed
    • Add bill+pay. Make sure txns link to each other only
    • Vicroads transfer form for a deal with only a purchase unit on it would not work. Now fixed
    • Receive spares : buy price + buy total would incorrectly show $0 under some circumstances. Computes and saving of parts etc was all good, purely a screen based error
  • Small tweaks
    • Got KTM/Husky/WP factory importing working again after switch to Microsoft/OAUTH login thingo
    • GAS imports magician query. Also grab buy price.
    • Print statement. Add an option to memorise email body for bulk email statement sending
    • Orderbook, added new sort default method to organise book based on orders of most interest towards top. (Active, sent then others in order from most recent to least recent)
    • PDF invoice update. Include changes to deal with Dunbeir PDF files. C9 will now handle PDF files 'encrypted' with a blank password.
    • POS Complete. Provide obvious visual cue for customers who are flagged as trade customers.
    • Unit leads
      • Add/Modify lead.  Option to access customer comments/notifications screen
      • New notification/monitor can be configured to nag for old/stale leads. i.e. :
Release 4.728 May 7, 2018 barney
  • Backoffice tweaks
    • Unit sale under finance.  If finance company is flagged as supplier only then record finance txns as supplier credits (and credit returns for deposit component)
    • Fine tune logic associated with txn linking so invoice+payment on finance is guaranteed to link and not be influenced by other txns on account at the time
    • Some improvements to unit floorplan/finance settlement. A tool that is used to help deal with crediting behaviour of some finance companies such as YMF and BOQ that provide floorplan but also provide finance of sold units whereby they only payout the difference between floorplan owing and amount under finance. Specifically:
      • Option to record as supplier bill and bounce payment onto the bill for dealers that would prefer to track floorplan payouts on their AP list
      • Option to enable/disable capture of payout delta at time of settlement. Disabling this allows for recording this separately if preferred.
    • Added GL codes + activity codes for interest payments.
    • Tweak profit summary report to show following: Supplier costs for Cap Ex and newly added generic interest  payments
  • Bug fixes
    • "Where is Messenger?" broken with PostgreSQL 10. Now working.
    • UI usability improvements when inputting supplier billing info on things like floorplan costs etc.