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Release 4.742 July 23, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Further improvements to c9 permanently storing the results of export efforts.

  • Will store export failure results and result for failure.
  • Will store receipts of failure and success for electronic orders. (Honda API, Whites Power Sports and orders to other dealers)
  • For Whites orders, system will flag parts that succeeded or failed. In orderbook parts that failed will show as 'Sent(?)' if not yet sent by some other means.

Export Order screen:


Order book (second item failed to send to WPS)


Other changes

  • Tweak paypal capture screen layout so to not clip descriptions of total lines at bottom of the screen
  • Export to other c9 dealer regression bugfix. Was not memorizing selected dealer/franchise on subsequent exports. Now fixed.
  • Bugfix : banks were incorrectly appearing in list of suppliers.  Now fixed.
  • Tweaking filtering in business activity for creditor txns under cash basis
  • Low level bugfix: some timed events would not fire such as alert nags. Now fixed. Some alerts could permanently 'mask' others based on timing. Tweaked timing logic so that every event gets a go.
  • Lead tweaks
    • Redefine deleted lead to be a 'parked/deleted lead'
    • Sort parked/deleted leads based on next alert first just like active leads
    • Lead alert nags : nag on either active or parked leads. Any active leads will 'shadow' over parked leads.
    • Browse leads. Any parked leads whose alert date is now, deleted/parked tab will highlight green
  • View/modify job. color code private notes tab if there are any private notes.
  • Min Qty ordering onto stock order : was incorrectly checking daily order qty on order for factoring in existing orders. Now fixed
  • Added a couple of generic GL Codes.
    • Waste /Environmental
    • Travel / Meals
    • Filing Fees
    • Merchant Fees
    • Subscriptions
    • Staff Amenities
  • Other GL changes
    • So Change in GL on screen and printout. (DR less CR)
    • In view journal entries : show customer/supplier code + staff code
  • BAS report/submit. Support Cash Basis reporting
  • New post login nags : if you java is pre java8 or if postgres DB is version 8.4
  • Workshop Job notes. Increased max note size x8.  Or about 9 printed pages of text.
  • Browse Dealer units tweaks
    • Highlight units where end of interest or payout due is in the past or within the next 7 days or if unit is sold
    • Show unit sale status.
    • Open floorplan tab might incorrectly show units flagged as goods only. Now fixed
  • Select unit. If a unit has notes against it display a notes icon against the unit.
  • Print workshop invoice. If supplier warranty provide option to suppress pricing info. To print out something to give to customer
  • Payroll : include an option under work types to round computed withholding to nearest dollar
  • Get Diagrams from another dealer.  Show on window where the EPC data came from. e.g. :


Release 4.741 July 18, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Edit staff
    • Visual fix with layout of HECs settings overlaying availability button
    • Added field : notes. For generic notes, key in things like emergency contact info etc here
  • Messenger, email + sms. dealing with some bugs where email doesn't send and records email not configured error under some rare circumstances
    • Various low level software issues. (thread racing accessing config on notify thread. Config cache age check broken. config init multiple calls not guarded)
    • Messenger not correctly detecting a DB upgrade and going to sleep. Now fixed
  • Misc tweaks
    • WPS order export. Log export result for later diagnostics
    • Add new GL code for Bank fees. Modify existing generic txn to use this instead of generic cost GL on posting
    • Workshop Report. Redesigned layout to include more info. Include filter option to optionally report based on invoice date instead of finish date
    • Select Estimate. Show estimate reference on all tabs, not just the select by reference tab.
    • Generic Price file import. Support tab delimited files. (e.g. Mcleods .TTX).  Tweak decoder to cope with loose quotes but only for tab delimited. (comma,semicolon still strict).
    • Added toggle switch to EPC units to toggle whether or not a unit is to display on the dealers website.
  • Bug fixes
    • Serious bug that has been in c9 since Jan 2018. If price file supercedes part A to B c9 is supposed to delete part A and move qty from A to B. Bug is it doesn't delete and instead moves part qtys from B to A keeping both parts. Now fixed.
    • Backdated unit sale with spare parts. GL posting is dating to today, not the backdate. Now fixed.
Release 4.740 July 11, 2018 barney

Includes DB changes you need to log all terminals during upgrade

Book in jobs via a web based tablet.

  • Use a phone or a tablet to capture basic details on a job and merge in the results into c9 workshop.
    Capture+_2018-07-12-15-40-43 Capture+_2018-07-12-15-43-23
  • Captured details appear in create new job in c9 ready to merge into a job. Allows you to merge in details such as change of phone numbers etc after initial service reception. Maybe submit button should only appear in unit screen?


  • Transaction allocation / reconciliation. Normally when you add a payment c9 will automatically 'allocate' that payment against a currently unallocated invoice automatically. This version of c9 allows you to configure certain customers to not do this, so you have to explicitly select actual invoices to link in add transaction (txn list), or modify connected txns in view transactions. This function is potentially useful for manual management of difficult accounts.
  • Rollback unit.  UI tweaks to minimise risk of accidental rollback. Screen redesign. Make ok button non default. Pop a nag before doing the rollback.
  • Orderbook. Option to do a full magician query on selected order
  • Import invoices from PDF. Some tweaks to better detect / process spaces. Generates improved results for some suppliers, e.g. Sena and Honda SAP. (e.g. with Sena imported descriptions could be bunched up without spaces. With honda deals with issue of line # of part number blending together).
  • Low level database guards to protect against potential software defects in c9 writing bad values into the database. Needed to support eventual goal of switching c9 account balances and aging towards open invoice.
  • Xero Integration setup.  Xero site now requires certificate to be wrapped in a BEGIN/END envelope.  Tweaked certificate generator in c9 to include this.
  • New Reports
    • Contacts -> Reports -> Generic Expenses : print a list of generic expense bills
    • Units -> Reports -> Floorplan Txns : print a list of all floorplan curtailments/payments in date range
  • Disable accessing old school menus from left hand bar by picking non leaf (expandable) items in the menu bar. (Old school login still works fine)
  • Bulk magician check improvements. General improvements but motivated to help with Honda's new stock/daily backorder shipping policy
    • Option to toggle on/off supplier + c9 dealer check. Defaults supplier only for non backorder checks
    • Color code the original part based on supplier output whether it can be fully or partially supplied or cannot be supplied
    • Option to show only items that cannot be supplied
Release 4.739 July 9, 2018 barney

Honda SAP rollout fixes

  • Got magician working with new platform
  • Export Honda API. Increase dealer code field size from 5 to 10, incase it is relevant for new dealer codes
  • Export Honda API.  Log low level API comms in event of a failure. At the moment it fails but doesn't log comms so no idea what root cause of failure is


  • Beginnings of some changes to support doing workshop service reception via a web based tablet. This version of c9 acks the submitted tablet data entry but throws the data away doing nothing useful with it.
Release 4.738 July 4, 2018 barney
  • Bulk stock take
    • Rewrite of internal guts of bulk stock take
    • runs faster
    • handle supercession forms of a part better on import. e.g. if PartA supers to PartB and import says 2 of PartA, 3 of PartB then do a single stock take for 5 of PartB
  • Email orders to suppliers. Preferentially memorize/use the franchise email address, not email address of linked creditor supplier
  • Statements  : include new option to fine tune which invoices print with a statement for open style statements. Defaults to invoices in statement period + invoices still outstanding. (previously was also including invoices paid by payments made in the statement period)
Release 4.737 July 3, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks
    • Edit franchise : add a couple of config slots for setting up supplier sync username+password. To be used for BMW service syncing eventually
    • Bulk stock take
      • Make qty field optional in terms of testing spreadsheet row size. Assuming missing qty means zero qty
      • Don't audit zero qty records on master file only (make stock take report unnecessarily massive)
    • Payroll
      • added a PSAR export option
      • Availability/leave screen. Organise based on date  and separate out 'active' records against 'applied' in different tabs. Applied being leave assigned to a locked payrun
    • View notifications: include basic filter option
    • Printing : added smarts to improve linking of reports to customers.
      • Only link invoices this way. Do not let other reports link this way
      • For statement printing, only default email addr if print single statement is selected
      • link daily order prints to relevant accessory suppliers
    • Select folder : added some smarts to better memorize folder selection/memorization