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Release 4.749 September 25, 2018 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

This version includes significant changes to make GST cash basis reporting more robust. Cash reporting is something we rarely encounter in bike industry because accruals is simpler and actually better in terms of cash flow, since with accruals you can book GST input credits on unpaid suppliers immediately and generally accounts payable for bike shops is alot higher than accounts receivable usually by an order of magnitude. These changes are primarily added to facilitate completeness. Changes are fairly technical but all serve the goal of making robust cash reporting possible under more exotic scenarios in a bike shop, especially around tradein sales and all the complications associated with unit sales, such as handling on road costs, inheriting encumbered finance etc. Specifics:

  • Distinguish between ABN taxable supplies which are paid for immediately vs those that go onto a accounts payable balance
  • When computing GST component on payments based on invoices they pay off, also update underlying activity records so that these accurately reflect amortized GST component being paid off
  • Rewrite key complex transaction types in c9 that blend inputs and sales. Instead of writing the changover, write full breakdown of invoiced charges and  in-kind offsets. Specifically on:
    • unit sales/purchases + tradeins to a debtor account
    • Unit sales + tradeins under finance
  • None of these changes functionally impact accruals based reporting, which is already functionally complete
  • Tweaks and restrictions to unit selling. e.g. C9 will no longer allow you to tradein on finance or account if tradein is underwater. Instead need to do it as a cash tradein and either payout the difference or track difference as a cash deposit against the customer.

Other changes / bug fixes

  • update unit costs where unit purchase date < activity lock.  Would silently fail. Now warn user what is going on
  • Manually add parts to order. Recent changes to show qty already on order broke this function. Now working again. (Was working in orderbook, just old school view/edit order was broken)
  • Customers added via sales leads, can not later modify them in contacts screen without fiddling notifications settings. Now fixed.
  • Get/memorize email address when printing job estimates.
  • Export order. Provide a confirmation screen that summarises what is being exported. To provide a last minute check for pure electronic exports, e.g. WPS and Honda.



Release 4.748 September 20, 2018 barney
  • Vicroads Form changes
    • New Online Auth to Register form/layout
    • Renamed form 5 to form 4 as per
  • WPS integration working again : price files, magician check + order upload.  WPS made some changes on their end that broke c9 integration.  Switched guts of c9 to use an integration framework that should be more resilient to any further future changes that WPS might make down the track.
  • Workshop bugfixes
    • Job labels. Would sometimes print extraneous unit info for jobs which don't have a unit on it. Now fixed
    • Open P/O. Would show P/O's on estimates. Now fixed to show only actual P/Os, not estimated P/Os