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Release 4.753 October 23, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
    • Finance payout : broken with recent changes to c9 that break down finance costs. Amount under finance would no longer factor in tradein offset, or encumbrances (for underwater tradeins) or on road costs. Now working again.
    • KTM parts image import. Would invisibly fail on re-login error. Now will fail with an error and should allow you to rerun skipping already imported results.
Release 4.752 October 19, 2018 barney

Bug fixes and tweaks

  • Finance tradein invoice a tradein unit that is under water with encumbered finance, would trigger a Journal Does not Balance Error.  Now fixed.
  • Profit summary report : was misreporting deleted unit sales. Potentially affecting following line items:
    • All Unit Spares Sold (except predelivery spares)
    • Cogs on Spares sold on a unit at point of sale
    • Cogs on Spares sold via a deal
  • Exotic unit sale scenario can cause full charge of unit sale and destroy left deposit for the sale. Specifics:
    • Unit ordered with a referencing spare part via point of sale and a deposit is left. (i.e. power equipment sales)
    • F12 pickup jumps to unit sale screen.
    • In next screen, operator reselects the customer (or selects a different customer). Causes deposit to reset to $0 but deposit on original spares invoice is still recorded as eaten if sale is taken to completion.
    • A few other similar scenarios can trigger it too. e.g. selecting a finance provider.
  • Add surcharge. Screen limits you to a max surcharge value of $99.99.  Increased to allow upto 999.99
  • Magician Fixes
    • Polaris
      • try and heal from broken/failed connections
      • Was returning discount, not buy price.
    • SCP working again
Release 4.751 October 11, 2018 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Some cash based ABN purchases were posting to an 'AP' GL code. Not appropriate, switched to post to a bank instead, on assumption payment is immediate. Specifically:
    • Unit factory purchases
    • Received Spares (where no supplier is indicated)
  • VicRoads online authority to register.  Plate number is misaligned on the form. Now fixed
  • Spares tender bug fixes
    • Under some keyboard/mouse combos on tender screen involving multiple payments, figures could get screwy and invoice incorrectly prints suggesting money is still owing
    • only print tendered lines on spares invoice if tendered exceeds invoice total and there is a some change to be given
  • Workshop job pickup all. A pickup all may fail with a journal error under some exotic circumstances. (pickup involving mix of cash/EFT payment & deposit on customer, and neither cash or deposit is sufficient to cover the first job). Now fixed
  • Receive parts on order for workshop. Do not reprice items if job is already completed/invoiced
  • Pickup overpaid Workshop job.  Added option to refund as deposit against the customer.
Release 4.750 October 8, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes + tweaks
    • Ordering
      • Recent changes to export order to show a confirmation screen could cause problems with file based export if export is cancelled.  C9 may report that the file cannot be reopened. Requires exit/restart java to fix. Should now be fixed.
      • Parts on order report : was showing unexpected results with 'accessory supplier' filter.  If you order genuine parts from another supplier, such as a dealer, previously this report would not show those parts on order. Now tweaked to show intuitively expected result.
    • Units
      • Rebate pickup to supplier broken. Now fixed
      • Modify unit. Disallow flipping floor unit from consignment to some other origin. consigned units work very differently under the hood of c9 so this simple 'flip' switch doesn't actually work as intended.  Too hard to make work so instead simply disabling the facility. To add units under consignment, they need to be 'received' as consigned.
      • Purchase unit.  odo/hours changes written to the unit now on the floor : also write them onto the unit record representing when the prior owner originally owned it. Assume odo/hours figures are current at point of purchase so apply to both.
      • Financed sale using deposit on customer account  : would result in journal error. Now fixed
    • Other
      • Under some circumstances some GL related errors would be silently eaten. e.g. update rebate to record credit note against supplier also fixed here would silently fail. Now fixed