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Release 4.752 October 19, 2018 barney

Bug fixes and tweaks

  • Finance tradein invoice a tradein unit that is under water with encumbered finance, would trigger a Journal Does not Balance Error.  Now fixed.
  • Profit summary report : was misreporting deleted unit sales. Potentially affecting following line items:
    • All Unit Spares Sold (except predelivery spares)
    • Cogs on Spares sold on a unit at point of sale
    • Cogs on Spares sold via a deal
  • Exotic unit sale scenario can cause full charge of unit sale and destroy left deposit for the sale. Specifics:
    • Unit ordered with a referencing spare part via point of sale and a deposit is left. (i.e. power equipment sales)
    • F12 pickup jumps to unit sale screen.
    • In next screen, operator reselects the customer (or selects a different customer). Causes deposit to reset to $0 but deposit on original spares invoice is still recorded as eaten if sale is taken to completion.
    • A few other similar scenarios can trigger it too. e.g. selecting a finance provider.
  • Add surcharge. Screen limits you to a max surcharge value of $99.99.  Increased to allow upto 999.99
  • Magician Fixes
    • Polaris
      • try and heal from broken/failed connections
      • Was returning discount, not buy price.
    • SCP working again