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Release 4.759 November 29, 2018 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Bug fixes
    • Generic expense report : broken due to recent changes to better support cash based GST Reporting. Now working again
    • Cancel pickup.  Would incorrectly delete unrelated payment txns if those txns were tagged with same workshop job number + customer.  Now fixed
    • Detailed scheduler : close button did nothing. Now fixed.
  • Tweaks
    • View Transactions & Bi Activity.  disallow delete operations which are destructive. e.g. deleting bills connected to curtailments. You need to goto unit section of c9 to perform such deletes. Specific delete types where this is enforced
      • Deleting curtailments, interest payments and renewal fees
      • Deleting unit expenses and costs
      • Deleting unit sales / purchases and tradeins
    • View transactions : new button 'Journals' shows GL Journal post against selected txn.  Useful for deep diving to figure out what txn links to if reference description is not enough. e.g. useful for figuring out what unit a curtailment/bill links to