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Release 4.760 December 4, 2018 barney

A few tweaks and fixes

  • Receive spares.
    • An invoice with units + a huge number of serial numbers would not grab the serial numbers. Now working
    • Save an invoice with a huge number of serial numbers would not restore correctly. Now working
  • Bank rec + paypal
    • include misc txn type to bounce money from paypal collection into bank.
    • Paypal payment : always ignore tillno setting
  • C9 Repo : added a privacy consent alert to repo disclaimer. On using repo from now on after this version update, c9 may share your contact details with suppliers of files you download. Only your contact details will be provided. C9 will not sure any other information with suppliers.
  • Export order to another c9 dealer : option to write some brief notes that will be sent as part of the order