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Release 4.762 January 29, 2019 barney

Bug fix : spares point of sale complete. Tweaking a field like freight did not display recomputed total on screen. Now fixed. (Total was correct on next screen just didn't display correctly on complete screen).  Bug caused by recent changes to this screen to better handle deposit and deposit on account utilisation while tweaking things like freight. Also make sure works with AusPOST integrated freight check.

Profit summary report. Was not showing general OP-EX expenses like rent etc. Issue caused by changes made months ago to better accommodate cash basis GST reporting. Now fixed.

Release 4.761 January 22, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Bugs and tweaks
    • E-Reference importing issue. Slow response sometimes. Sometimes upto 20 seconds.
      • Repair #1 (already implemented) : optimized server database to make queries alot faster: generally 0.05 to 0.1 seconds now. (or   x 400 times faster )
      • Repair #2: logic bug in c9 where if you keep clicking OK button it will just queue up multiple E-Ref queries causing c9 to essentially lockup.
    • Order Export : Tweak OPEA non-standard format to further accommodate a couple of P/E suppliers who have incorrectly implemented the OPEA spec.
    • Beta EPC crawler used by Lowry : tweaked to cope with units that do not have an image.
    • Honda Magician Check : show if part is discontinued. e.g.:
    • Return parts to stock from workshop deal would not restock items for items that were especially ordered and received onto deal. Now fixed
    • Workshop pickup : if customer has deposit, prompt operator to use this deposit instead of automatically assuming it is good to be used. (Make workshop pickup consistent with spares)
    • Add partial (non payout) Unit floorplan cost via 'add floorplan cost screen' with backdated entry. Would add curtailment correctly but corresponding GL posting was incorrectly dated to today which could mess up bank rec efforts.  Only happens on this workflow.  Payout option, or add floorplan via view floorplan screen worked fine.
    • Workshop completed + pickup. Pop alert notes for both job customer and insurer (if insurer is set)
    • Point of sale use account deposit : add some smarts to track whether or not operator intends to use all available deposit. On tweakage of anythings that manipulates the final price, e.g. tweaking lines, adding freight or adding discount, recompute deposit
    • Email templates in setup : increase amount of text that can be in a template
    • Tweaks to duplicate unit detection yo try and help minimize duplicate units being added into c9.  Do more exhaustive checks based on full vin/framenumber. Cope with dealers that prefer to key full vin into reference number field.
    • Unit notes: includes an option to flag unit notes as being important for service. e.g. if the ECU contains a custom mapping.
    • Customer emails from print preview
      • Be a bit smarter about which 'from' email address email is sent from.  Previously  only used global email or local terminal addr. Now will preferentially use spares email for sending of a spares invoice, service for a workshop invoice/estimate etc.
      • In preview email screen allow the end user to select sender from a dropdown list populated from various email addr configured in c9
  • Meatier changes
    • Husky PE electronic warranty registration. Initial code written. Pending testing/certification from Husky before becomes primetime