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Release 4.765 February 14, 2019 barney

Small bugfix.  Bulk move parts from acc supplier to franchise may fail under some specific technical situations. e.g. if there are more than 20k contacts and supplier you are moving data from was a recently added contact. (more likely to be a problem for new c9 customers with converted data where data conversion was run several times).

Release 4.764 February 8, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log terminals out during upgrade

  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Processing a customer web order that contains supplier ordered parts that either need to go onto backorder or are cancelled. C9 will send multiple duplicate emails, one for every part that is on backorder or cancelled. Now fixed to just send one email per invoice affected by  backorder / cancelled receive status change.
    • Bank setup. Allow user to define bank type, either loan or deposit. Loans will track under a loans liability GL code instead of an asset code. Otherwise everything else works the same.
    • Fixed day of month suffix in top right. i.e. show 11th, not 11st.
    • Import Honda Invoice via API. Looks like Honda  tweaked their api and broke importing of inv date. Now fixed to cope with change of date format in their API.
    • Floorplan report : added a make filter.
  • Email/SMS notifications
    • Allow email sent on job completion notification to be customizable via an email template. Default email is now more nicely formatted
    • Low level tweaks to email templating to introduce more flexibility in template setup.
    • Doubled size of SMS notification templates configured in setup screen from 160 to 320.  Note that actual SMS messages are usually longer depending on how placeholders are filled out.
  • Workshop default labour rates
    • Configure a default rate on a per job and/or per job type basis.  Rate is inherited on creating new job and selecting initial job types.
    • New labour added via job or via clocking will default to the jobs default labour rate if set.
    • All this again for estimates too. Estimates can have a default rate which is picked up on conversion of an estimate into a job.
  • Order bulk magician query tweaks
    • Hopefully following will further ease the pain with Honda's new ordering biz rules and be generally useful for other brands too.
    • From magician check you can individually relocate parts from say Stock order to Daily order.
    • Move parts on order: allow partial move. i.e. if 3 on order option to move 1 of 3.
    • Move parts from magician check : relax prior strict bizrules about moving parts already in sent status.
Release 4.763 February 4, 2019 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Fixes and Tweaks
    • Clock on a job.  When showing next scheduled job, c9 would display the last unit you were eyeballing, not the actual unit associated with that scheduled job. Now fixed
    • Got Cykel Magician working again. Bigger and better : returns actual QoH instead of low/med/high.  Link now returns QoH too
    • Spares Refund. Print -ve freight on invoice. (i.e. freight charge on a refund as opposed to refunded freight)
  • Spare Parts Labels
    • Rejigged config to make it more intuitive and more accessible from label config screen especially when fiddling with layouts etc in edit label type.
    • Allow user to key in a shop name specific for spares labels.
  • Warranty export
    • More work on getting Husky Warranty Export production ready. This ver of c9 should be first production ready pilot ver for Husky Warranty export
    • Warranty Export : include a preview and validation stage to review and tweak warranty info before syncing/exporting. Picks up and forces repair on obvious errors, e.g. missing email address for Husky export