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Release 4.763 February 4, 2019 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Fixes and Tweaks
    • Clock on a job.  When showing next scheduled job, c9 would display the last unit you were eyeballing, not the actual unit associated with that scheduled job. Now fixed
    • Got Cykel Magician working again. Bigger and better : returns actual QoH instead of low/med/high.  Link now returns QoH too
    • Spares Refund. Print -ve freight on invoice. (i.e. freight charge on a refund as opposed to refunded freight)
  • Spare Parts Labels
    • Rejigged config to make it more intuitive and more accessible from label config screen especially when fiddling with layouts etc in edit label type.
    • Allow user to key in a shop name specific for spares labels.
  • Warranty export
    • More work on getting Husky Warranty Export production ready. This ver of c9 should be first production ready pilot ver for Husky Warranty export
    • Warranty Export : include a preview and validation stage to review and tweak warranty info before syncing/exporting. Picks up and forces repair on obvious errors, e.g. missing email address for Husky export