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Release 4.766 March 14, 2019 barney
  • Magician changes
    • Tweak honda magician so it is lightening fast for doing a backorder/order check.  Compromise here is it will not show you honda buy price, only availability.  For individual part checks it will remain slow version which also grabs price info
    • Suzuki magician tweaks to deal with some oddness/complexity with how data is displayed on their dealer portal
    • Fix cykel magician, recent changes were damaged and couldn't work.
    • Mojo : map landboss & SWM for magician querying
    • Point of sale magician check: put the response from distributor at the top of the list.  For c9 dealers, organise dealers which are mapped into local c9 towards top of list
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • This version fixes a potential bug when upgrading before version 4.764.  The upgrade may permanently fail requiring c9 support to repair. Issue itself is rare and anyone running a version greater than 4.764 is not going to be affected anyway. This change is for slackers who don't update c9 often, their systems will still be at risk without this fix
    • Recent changes to email report where you can select dropdown of sender didn't actually work.  Changing sender had no effect. Should now be working
    • Delete txns via the unpaid bills screen. Protections recently added to key screens to disallow deletion on irreversable deletes (such as deleting a txn linked to a unit sale) do not apply here. Tweaked this screen to enforce the same rule about disallowing such deletes.
    • Print barcodes screen: delete all button floating in middle of list of parts. Rejigged things.
    • Stock ordering for franchises configured to order direct to supplier a bit broken. Fixes:
      • Would order under franchise, not preferred accessory supplier. Now fixed
      • Would not factor in parts on order from other suppliers or franchise. e.g. if parts are on order from another dealer (unusual use-case but still a bug)
      • Will now generate all franchise parts for a specific supplier when you select option to generate order for that supplier