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Release 4.767 March 15, 2019 barney
  • Magician and EPC tweaks
    • Honda changes on last version busted  : was no longer showing if an item was discontinued. Now fixed
    • Cykel 'fixes' last version didn't actually fix cykel.  Should now be working
    • Added support for importing Landboss EPC
    • Mojo EPC import, some years return extraneous results with c9 would flip to year 0. e.g. '2014Â' from mojo system now converts to 2014, not 0000
  • Other misc
    • Point of Sale : disallow quickorder + order for stock combo as they are mutually exclusive.
    • Browse below RRP : print list. If you just printed barcodes it will try to send the RRP report to barcode printer. Reset printer back to report printer first.
    • Slight wording tweak on point of sale when scanning a part which is already on order
    • Web web order/web booking.  Previously was not extracting out firstname/lastname.  Now repaired.
    • Modify deal :  if deal was locked on another terminal and that terminal finalised the deal, then on getting the lock the first terminal would not check if the deal was finalized. Could result in deal be double handled.  Now fixed to explicitly verify deal is still open on getting lock.
    • Select bank for payment,  filter out banks flagged as loan accounts.