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Release 4.768 March 16, 2019 barney

Includes Database changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

This release includes a potentially valuable change with how txns between debtors and creditors interlink that should dramatically simplify individual txn reconciliation for complex suppliers.

Firstly, describing the problem we are trying to solve:  c9 provides a mechanism which allows payments to track against invoices they are paying and the process is largely automatic with controls for users to override and manipulate, via selecting invoices to pay and being able to unlink/modify txns after the fact. Things get complex although when things like supplier credits get thrown into the mix. Issues being:

  • Credits will automatically track against oldest open bill, which can be undesirable behavior, and can be turned off in reasonably recent versions of c9
  • When it comes to to record a payment, you can only select invoices to pay: you cannot indicate that individual credits are factored into the decision on what to pay. This limitation is what this version fixes.


Illustrating the issue. Consider two statement periods with following txns.

Now a statement from supplier will come and it may show that for period #1,$250 is owing, but in c9, the first txn is considered partially paid, so adding $250 will partially spill into allocating transactions for period #2.   The payment of $250 will be composed of transactions across multiple periods

Now the above problem can be mitigated in c9 already via an option to not automatically assign txns.  But when we get to period #2 a new problem surfaces. Period two owing is $65, but when you goto select txns there is no way in c9 select txns screen to select both the invoice and the credit note. You can only select the invoice ,for $100. In payment screen the credit note remains unallocated.  This version of c9 provides tools to deal with specific case.

The above describes a very simple scenario, as simple as it gets before you run into trouble. Reality is that you have payments and credits and invoices flowing through a supplier statement in complex ways, sometimes with incorrect dates etc, and the result is a complex ball of mud.  New changes in c9 allow you to more effectively untangle this.

Specific details:

How to disable automatic allocation on a supplier

In modify contact, at bottom of 'discounting sand billing' tab is the following option. Select second option to disable automatic allocation of txns.

With above option enabled, txns remain unallocated if you don't select txns to pay

New options for selecting  transactions for reconcile/payment/settlement.

Now when you pay a txn, it now gives you the option to select the unallocated supplier credit by default if we want to flag the credit as dealt with and flag corresponding txns too

If you ran the supplier with automatic assignment and the supplier credit is already assigned, the select transactions screen allows you to override this. You goto the tab 'All transactions- force reassignment if necessary' and it will allow you to select the allocated supplier credit. On completion, the credit is deallocated and forcefully relinked to the payment you are now adding.


This change also applies to modify connected txns in view transactions screen. As such it makes the unlink option largely redundant.

A new option is  added too : reconcile txns which allows you to reconcile a bunch of txns together without modifying a specific txn or adding a txn. Mostly useful if you are clearing a statement period with bills + credits cancel out to $0 exactly or at a net credit for the period. A rare occurance, but still possible.

Finally this version provides visual indication whether or not txns where involved in a explicit selection of txns to settle/reconcile with a leading + sign infront of the txn type.