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Release 4.771 March 27, 2019 barney

Requires Database changes, you'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade. Make sure you also update computer running messenger to keep backup/SMS working.

  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Receive Spares from C9 E-Ref, was not importing tax invoice date. Now working
    • Unit sale. Renamed sell/discounted columns to more intuitive names
    • Messenger : would log messages saying 'optout sync failed' : the reported message is incorrect. Now only reports on real sync errors
    • Creditor trial balance : was not coping with recently added txn types and would show wrong balances for suppliers using this. Now fixed.
    • Process unit deal : under some circumstances could rewrite unit buy/sell info in destructive ways. Obvious when you do a unit on order then receive it then finish the deal. The units purchase date is zeroed out. Fixed
    • Subtle business rule change for writing lastincost on received stock : avoid rewrite lastincost when receiving stuff for workshop or customer only, i.e. not for inventory. Idea here is if you buy things for stock on special buy, don't let a warranty/workshop/customer order blat over this price. Circumstances where receive for customer will still write lastincost
      • if qtyonhand is zero
      • if there is no lastincost yet
    • Point of sale, key in an incomplete/incorrect part number and hit enter. Should jump to F2 screen and show nearest match but was sensitive to dashes and spaces originally typed in positioning you in an unexpected part of the F2 list. Now repaired.
    • Miner report on customers : customer distance to shop (based on postcode) limited to 99.9km,  allow user to key in numbers upto 9999.9km
  • Bank Rec Changes
    • Disallow changing day for banked operations. Doing so can break previous cash till counts.
    • bank rec screen. Display main counter GL code name, not the GL code we are reconciling. This information is (usually) far more useful.