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Release 4.773 April 12, 2019 barney
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • Subtle payrun bug fix.  Specific sequence of events:
      • Manually modify a annual leave line item (note: you should never do this anyway. Always modify via leave screen, this bug only triggers with this specific process which is faulty anyway)
      • This recomputes leave loading still on computed, not adjusted figures, not strictly desirable, but not strictly a bug, so far so good
      • but bug in c9 is it writes leave loading into the DB as though it is adjusted, breaking a number of low level rules and assumptions that break the computation of later things like tax. Compute tax from this figure is okay tho.
      • Then print summary or generate ABA it emits file with correct price with okay figures.
      • If you then re-edit a line of the payrun (or finalize) it computes a different figure because of damaged leave loading record, computing a tax figure that is too high (effectively doubling effect of leave loading on withholding)
    • Payroll fixes
      • Fix above bug with altered flag cascading to leave loading
      • disallow editing of computed leave lines (see above issue, correct way to manage leave is via leave screen, not in a payrun)
      • Add Button to access leave from payrun
      • Recompute payrun just prior to export ABA file/print summary
    • Point of sale, F6 edit a part on order, would not memorize previously applied order settings (stock/daily, no backorder, alt supplier selection etc) on return to point of sale. Now fixed