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Release 4.774 April 16, 2019 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • New workshop config option to disable default customer discounts being applied to workshop jobs.
    • Where is messenger? Slight tweak where it might misreport a terminal as running messenger, more likely to be an issue with Postgres 10.
    • Profit summary report on single customer : would incorrectly show results for warranty spares unrelated to specific contact
    • Unit browser. Retain old behaviour with enter key automatically accepting the screen
    • Clock off : ability for techs to tweak the time recorded as billable on the job. (Actual time worked is still forcefully recorded as is and remains unmodifiable)
    • Sell parts to a deal via point of sale : make sure deal is locked and open first
    • Order book search : when matching an item in orderbook, try to make entire order the search matches in visible on screen when scrolling to the found result. Previously would usually just show you the row at the very bottom but good to have complete visual context of entire order the search term belongs to.
    • Stock take via sheets
      • Make location filter case insensitive
      • Add a button to flag all parts on stock take as successfully stock taken. This writes todays date into all parts as last date parts were stock taken
    • Contact duplicate check improvements to nags. Previously c9 would constantly nag to check duplicates every time you keyed in a tweak that triggered a dup check. It now tracks which duplicate possibilities you rejected and won't present them again. It might present same customer for a different reason. e.g. You key in Bob Smith and it shows Bob Smith (same name), which you reject. You then key in Bobs phone number, it will then show 'Bob Smith (same phone)'. From here it should be substantially quiet.  Previously c9 had a mechanism in place to try and dampen nags like this, but it didn't work very well. New version should be a decent improvement.
    • Tweak OPEA import to cope with Triumphs crappy non compliant OPEA price file
    • Modify On Road Costs. Assume GST exempt if cost is $0 for ORC line items.
    • View Contact Transactions: access view spares receive screen from here
    • New Configurable monitor type : alert when floorplan units are about to come off interest free
    • Vic Paperwork Form 5 : now print check boxes to clarify if price is inclusive of on road costs. e.g. below:
    • Print Spares invoice with parts on order. Make the 'parts on order' text printed here configuration. Modified in Setup, main setup screen ordering tab.
    • Email invoice / email report : option to grab a email template for body email being sent out
    • Add/Modify unit : dynamically show how # chars are in the VIN to help get VIN right.

Ordering tweaks

Some subtle issues with order audit of what c9 reports as been sent / exported. Say you have this:

  • Part on active order for a customer
  • Same Part on exported order for stock

Now stock order arrives in, c9 will fulfill the customer order first since it is higher priority. The result is it swaps parts around between stock order and customer order, all good. The stock order is now tracked on daily order.

The problem though is part is flipped onto daily, but the part carries information that it was previously exported so when you goto export the order c9 whinges it might of been sent already. Two fixes here:

  • On part flip as described above, not only flip order numbers but also flip internal tracking that records if part has been already sent/received
  • In order book, display state tracking on individual parts if it differs from the order state. Making out of place parts visually stand out. (e.g. parts that were printed but then moved back onto an active order after printing)