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Release 4.779 May 28, 2019 barney

Includes database changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Misc Changes

  • Magician check for Mojo : working again. (New version is heaps faster)
  • Added optional support for 2 factor login on c9 via SMS. On login, will send a verify code via SMS to mobile number linked to login which needs to be keyed into c9 to work.
  • Subtle bugfix with unit deals when you have multiple units on a deal and units have same part numbers on them, uninvoiced. Under some usage scenarios qtys for spares would double up when you go to modify one of the units on the deal. Should now be fixed.
  • This version includes a number of experimental simplified accounting period summary reports using data mostly derived from GL chart and activity report. Under business reports. Specifically:
    • P/L Statement
    • Trading Statement
    • Balance sheet

Payroll Changes

This version includes a wide number of payroll changes to better support single touch reporting requirements and scenarios. It includes a working implementation of STP that connects to ATO EVTE platform only and is able to meet ATO's conformance testing requirements. This version of STP is not yet production ready and functionality is disabled by default. Future versions will enable as soon as c9 passes their verification process, which is currently pending on the ATO to get back to us.

Specific Payroll changes:

  • New pay item type : lump sums to track lump sum payouts
  • New pay item type: ETP for employer termination payouts
  • Ne pay items to track FBT
  • Allowances : optional configuration of allowance type for standard allowances (car, travel etc)
  • Allow tracking of Fee deduction types (Fees or workplace giving)
  • Track TFN declarations more carefully
    • Tracking signing date and date the declaration was synced to ATO
    • Track Student financial supplement scheme on TFN form




Release 4.778 May 24, 2019 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Payroll bugfix.  C9's payroll includes a facility to help amortize unexpected EOFY tax jumps caused by bracket jumps such as medicare levy surcharge and HELP brackets. It is possible with Oz tax to have your pay go up 1 dollar and then to end up having to pay hundreds of dollars extra because of this meaning you are overall worse off. Normal tax it doesn't happen but with things like Medicare levy it can. C9's payroll has a system in it to help detect if this is likely to happen and it will amortize the cost over remaining paydays until EOFY, increasing tax withheld slightly.  Problem is the code is buggy and can wig out, wanting to withold hundreds of dollars extra instead of a few dollars.  Fixed in this version. Generally only impacts high income salaries subject to MLS. Can also impact HELP/HECS debts.
    • Link transactions not working for contacts flagged with manual link setting. Now fixed
    • Vic Roads get rego details. Stopped working due to changes on their website. Now working again.
    • Fix with font sizes on Point of Sale now in this version (was promised last version).
    • Fixed EPC grab for KTM/Husky/WP
Single Touch Payroll May 24, 2019 barney

Single touch payroll is a requirement to send payroll information to ATO. It applies to everybody after July 1 so it applies to dealers who use c9's payroll module.

STP is a train-wreck.  C9 currently doesn't have a working STP solution. I am dedicating all my time to solving the problem. I am confident I will solve the problem and I have 3 possible solutions being developed in parallel. Whichever gets finished first will be the one c9 will intialy use. I currently do not have a timeline for delivery. Delivery by July 1 is possible but not certain.

Why doesn't c9 have a solution right now?

STP reporting is conceptually simple. It is essentially a payroll summary plus some other simple additional information that needs to be submitted with each payday. Collating this information is easy and the work to collate it took less than a day to engineer and the supporting code already exists in latest version of c9.

The problem is getting the data to the ATO. The ATO expect the data to be transported to them across a formidably complex technology stack typically used only by massive enterprises tamed by teams of dedicated computer programmers. In their own recognition of how impossible the task is for small operators the ATO developed a plan b) for people like c9. The problem is their plan b) is not working.

Update #1: just made contact with a new possible vendor and looks really promising. Putting option 1) back on the table for completion prior to July 1.


Release 4.777 May 13, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log terminals out during upgrade

  • Trivial Tweaks
    • Edit clock type screen. billable checkbox text partially obscured fixed
    • Spares fine print in combo with remit details where remit address is 2 lines : text overlaps.  Fixed
    • Newly added point of sale freight type screen. Window says 'website settings', renamed to something more sensible.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes
    • Deposits on jobs fixes
      • Deposits left on internal dealer jobs would get silently eaten and disappear due to very old pre general ledger code. Now fixed
      • When user tries to modify a dealer job with deposits c9 will not allow them to go ahead. (makes no sense to leave money on an internal job).
    • (did not make this version. next one) Font sizing on main spares point of sale screen : a very specific combination of certain screen resizing + invoice manipulation events done in right order can mess up font sizes on screen making fonts progressively smaller until the screen becomes unusable. Now fixed.
    • Purchase unit from another : default ABN to use supplier ABN if they have one
    • Web order based emails would keep sending email alerts on backorder parts every time unrelated backorder items would trickle in. Fixed so it only sends one email first time parts go onto backorder for the weborder.  (Existing non web sales sms/email already behave this way, this change only impacts the combo of backorders on parts ordered via c9 based websites).

Single Touch Payroll

This version includes first iteration of single touch payroll export. The implementation is untested (test lifecycle painfully slow). C9 implements STP via a 3rd party:  C9 will emit a CSV file you import into single touch in order to meet your reporting requirements.

Specific changes:

  • Option in modify payrun to export a STP file
  • Some new settings on staff to capture more info specifically.
    • State (defaults to dealership state if not set)
    • Basis (full time, part time, casual)
    • Whether or not TFN declaration was been signed
    • Added new clerk permission to capture payroll declaration permission. Implement this on export ABA too.
  • Longer term, looking to do a more seamless / electronic integration. Dependent on single touch responsiveness who are probably flat out ATM helping lots of people get STP compliant. Work in progress.
Honda Op2Ma Reporting May 9, 2019 barney

C9 now includes ability to generate bulk of reporting needed for Op2Ma

To access:

  • Business -> Reports -> Analytics / KPI.  Insert new report, and select Opt2Ma from drop down list

The more comprehensively you use c9 the more data can be meaningfully reported. Some new changes to c9 especially to help

  • Organsing Unit types by category.
    • Setup -> Other Settings -> Unit Types. Modify all types to indicate which represent M/C, ATV, P/E or Marine.  By default c9 assumes everything is a motorcycle