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Release 4.780 June 4, 2019 barney

Includes DB changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

This version delivers two very heavy changes.

#1 cash basis GST reporting has been completely reworked. C9 activity report now only reports accruals basis txns. But on BAS report c9 now computes cash basis position by looking at accruals position and factoring in status of open AR/AP transactions at the time. Significantly simpler way to compute cash basis GST reporting.

#2 open invoice accounting is now finally fully here.  Aged balances of debtors and creditors is now entirely computed based on open transaction status. This version will have some impacts on aged balances but final balances will still be the same.  Generally it may cause aging to change and will change it for the better. Aftefacts you see like this: 90days: -1300, 60days: +1300 will now generally disappear as the underlying mechanisms that trigger this when using brought forward do not but design apply with open invoice.  Manipulation of aging can now only happen by manipulating what transactions link to what. In new c9 the only way to influence aging is to change linking between txns.

Other changes

  • Workshop Staff report. Figures would top out at $99,999.99 in this report : now increased 2+ OOM.
  • Messenger. Tweak messenger comms to timeout unresponsive network checks for things like looking for new price file updates.  Network issues at critical times can cause messenger to permanently lockup. Hopefully these tweaks will lessen liklihood of this on flaky networks.
  • Bugfix : modifying a unit while simultaneously selling it on a different terminal can corrupt the sale if modifications are saved after sale is done.  Now fixed : modify screen will detect concurrent modification and not allow its changes to be applied.
  • BAS Summary: option to print summary
  • Payroll : make sure browse payrun screen sorts payruns based on date. Previously was sorting by an internal ID would usually is same as date order but not guaranteed to be, some usage patterns could result in pay runs seems to be in unintuitive orders on screen. Now fixed.
  • Unit Deposit tweaks
    • Disable old school mechanism for allowing deposit to be tracked on a unit sale without running deposit through cash till.
    • Disable deposit entry on finalize deal where deal has no deposit on it and a customer is selected without deposit on account