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Release 4.784 June 25, 2019 barney

Single Touch Payroll now supported within C9

This version of c9 provides single touch paypal support and has been whitelisted by the ATO. The function is substantially automated. I will provide a followup post on a couple of things to get started with STP and c9.

  • Other Payroll tweaks
    • Tweaked STP transmission, on advise from ATO : make sure summary gross payment figure is inclusive of allowances (such as tool allowance).
    • Subtle bug with computation of leave benefits like holidays which span multiple pay periods. Normally these should be constrained to duration of pay period, but there are rules where it sometimes needs to consider outside period for 'backdated' activity. i.e. you run up sick leave for last pay but it wasn't record on last pay so it needs to be backdated. Normally c9 handles this correctly but there are some conditions, too complex to get into here, where this fails and c9 fails to correctly constrain leave to pay run period when it should. Substantially more likely to be an issue for salary only payrolls. Now fixed.