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Release 4.786 July 10, 2019 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Honda Magician check : Honda SAP can sometimes return -ve results. Clip to zero. This behaviour is also affecting bulk magician check : as this check cannot cope with -ves and assumes -ve items are supplyable.
    • Print Labels - some more UI design tweaks to minimize clicks and effort.  On print screen allow user to select layout format from existing formats, same way they can sue different layout sizes. See below.
    • More UI design tweaks for cust order select
      • Allow pgdown/pgup/home/end keys to scroll list while keyboard focus is in search box
      • Memorize whether or not last cust order ended at bottom or top or the list and apply that next time (this functionality was lost in recent UI changes, readded)
    • Unit sale and purchase. Add a number of guards to protected against simultaneous scenarios run across different terminals/instances. Such as:
      • Purchase, purchase factory unit with same reference #
      • Purchase, previously non existent unit from a customer which is simultaneously added on another terminal
      • Sell unit simultaneously on two different terminals
    • Print pay slip. Print full name instead of screen name if set.