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Release 4.787 July 11, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log out of all terminals during upgrade

Spare parts supplier returns

This version of c9 provides a new streamlined process for managing spares returns. In point of sale return screen you'll now see this.

Process now not only lets you fine tune amounts but also allows you to flag return process as in progress with invoicing to happen later. Invoicing happen later is now tracked in a new section. Pending Supplier Returns. Spares -> Spare Parts -> Supplier Returns.

  • Other Fixes and Tweaks
    • Spares. Logic added earlier in year to cope with c9 auto adjusting eaten customer deposit as operator tweaks things like freight etc broken under some circumstances and would auto amount to use incorrectly. Now fixed.
    • Trading statement was not rolling Goods in AP invoices into spares purchases. Instead was showing a weird computer code like line. Now fixed.
    • Bank Rec : on loan accounts allow full gamut of txns you can normally see on a bank account with other/misc. Previously would only let you access transfer functions
    • KTM Factory importing
      • Fiche & Parts : login not working. Working again
      • Fiche : redesign the screen a bit to show more of models to import / ignore.
    • Other supplier return polish
      • On selecting supplier return preset supplier based on parts being returned.
    • do not print label flag on some stocked parts. Option is toggled in F6 view/change part. The option is manually ignored when individually printing an item or manually adding to list to print.
    • No supplier selected nag on key screens when added rebate, on road costs, other costs etc on a unit
    • WA Form tweaks
      • Transfer form : swap VIN and engine number, was back to front
      • Transfer & Reg forms : tweak font kerning/spacing a bit to make fixed point font items like VIN fit better.