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Release 4.788 July 17, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade.

Cash Rounding Changes

This version of c9 overhauls the price/invoice rounding model in c9.   Previously c9 would apply a single global rounding and this is generally configured to be $0.05 or $0.10. (this was partially extended in the past to allow tweaking rounding on surcharges, but the surchange enhancement is very superficial, this goes well beyond).

The new version of c9 allows you to configure rounding at various levels:

  • Default rounding as was previous. To be used now to set ideal per item pricing. So for example you can configure spares to round to 0.05 ideally
  • Then rounding on a per invoice basis. So invoice can for example round to 0.01 cent boundaries to accommodate custom pricing, discounting schemes etc
  • Then rounding on basis of payment method. so cash payments will round to 0.05 (default) and others 0.01 (default).

Other changes related to this:

  •  Spares discounting, previously would round the discount figure which contains an implicit assumption that the amount being discounted is already rounded. Tweaked so that discounting can work and round even though the core price being discounted is not rounded: works by making sure discount, once applied yields a inv total that meets rounding criteria.


Shopify Integration & Paypal changes

This version of c9 includes ability to automatically sync shopify orders into c9's own web order pipeline for processing/fulfillment in c9. The integration only reads data from shopify at this time and only requires read permission. You'll still need to manually close out orders in shopify at this time but this will dramatically streamline/simplify the process of fulfilling orders through c9.Setup process:

  • In shopify. Under apps create a new private app for c9, all options you see during this process leave on their defaults.
  • Feed resulting  shop name, app key + password into c9 in business -> website -> settings. (Note shop name will be something like

Warning,  part of changes made to accommodate shopify resulted in heavy modifications to existing code for managing paypal processing for c9 based web orders and c9 weborders in general. These changes have been thoroughly tested but please be mindful of processing in this part of c9 has changed in this version. The changes are low level technical and non functional.

  • Supplier return tweaks
    • Update : allow edit of tracking field
    • Update : tweak naming of options a bit to make it clearer that finalization will automatically post a supplier credit within c9
    • Browse : allow view invoice from here
    • allow input of credit note reference # on finalization
  • Other
    • Browse Workshop warranty. Show reference # entered on finalization.
    • Workshop scheduler, recent version changes killed ability to drag and drop.  Now restored this lost functionality
    • Various Workshop  Screen. Tweak line item qty displayed for Sublets to show sublet status instead of zero qty.
    • Unsupercede bugfix. Under some circumstamces unsuperecede might delete a random part, completely unrelated to the supercession you are removing, out of stock. Now fixed
    • Unit sale detailed notes. Option to print on contract particulars and/or print on tax invoices. Configured in main setup screen.
    • Tweaks to accounting reports to simplify reconciliation of presented data
      • Trading statement : separate out refunds from sales
      • bugfix, generic interest might not appear as an expense in P/L. Now fixed.