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Release 4.792 August 21, 2019 barney

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Cykel Magician check : now working again
  • Workshop invoice and estimate printing changes
    • consolidated estimate print out to be visually nearly same as a tax invoice : solves a number of various issues with printing discount lines etc
    • Print config is now managed in Setup in new workshop 2 tab. Previously c9 would memorize prior setting. Now has its own default config setting
    • Tax invoice / pro forma : option to suppress part numbers or techs : for jobs in job list which are really quotes
  • Payroll changes
    • Unused annual leave in severance pay is not subject to super guarantee. Tweaked rules a bit WRT computing severance
    • browse notifications. Filter out any message where header contains word 'payslip'.
  • Backorder Cancelled order sms notifications. C9 is supposed to send SMS, one per customer to alert on backorders and cancelled orders and this setting is supposed to respect the individual invoice notification config but was not working properly. Now working. In event of a receival that touches multiple invoices for same customer, if any of the invoices that contain back order or cancelled parts satisfy rule the SMS message will advise on all relevant parts.
  • System level changes
    • Backup verify status when reporting BADCONN would ordinarily wait 24 hours before retrying. Instead retry every 15 minutes. Some usage patterns are inappropriate for a 24 hour wait. (i.e. consistently tranistory internet access right on midnight would mean terminal always shows BADCONN)
Release 4.790 & 4.791 August 13, 2019 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Import PDF invoices. Some oddness with Cox invoice encoding require a change to c9 itself to deal with. Now working.
    • Bank rec generic txn. Some txn types will silently fail to add but still will post a GL journal which cannot be deleted. Now fixed.

Some bugs in spares order receival for power equipment which contains units or a mix of units + spare parts. . Bugs became obvious with trying to import Husky PE PDF files where some Husky PE gear contains excessively long serial numbers which could trigger a cascade of issues.

  • Unit spec on non stock items not being retrieved correctly. Would only track/retrieve details for items on stock file. Now fixed
  • Add smarts to cope with PDF imported serial numbers being bigger than 20 chars which is c9s VIN limit. Bring in / display more than 20 but do not let user go ahead until shortened manually
  • If more than one unit on import had same effective 6 digit trimmed VIN c9 would fail to receive the order because of resulting duplicate. Was not smart enough to make sure these were unique when considering other units on same receival, (but was smart enough to make sure they are unique WRT units already in the system). Which then can trigger our final bug:
  • On reattempting to complete a receival that failed as per above, c9 would stuff up quantities in un-intuitive ways. Just two of many examples: it would reset qty to receive to zero and it would then double up qty to stock. c9 was not able to cope with retrying a failed receival. Now repaired.
Release 4.789 August 7, 2019 barney

This version fixes a bug with last version.  Spares refunds involving a discount would often generate a journal error. Now fixed.


  • WPS price file import. For some reason WPS import is currently running dog slow, so slow c9 times out trying to grab price file. This version includes changes so c9 adaptively adjusts price file download to not trigger timeout. Download is still slow tho.