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Release 4.793 August 26, 2019 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Browse rebates: tally to show tally of cost ex only (previously was a tally of cost inc)
    • Contacts : add a tab for F&I contacts only and a tab for supplier contacts only.
    • Rationalize setup database maint tasks.
      • Removed a number of old defunct tasks
      • Added task : rebuild account search list (commonly required task after doing a restore from online backups)
    • Mcleods Magician. Working again.
    • SMS on birthday notification tweaks
      • Did not respect the to time setting in setup. Always limited upper limit to 4pm no matter what was configured.
      • have it implement global workshop SMS limit, defaults to 50, similar to auto workshop sms limits.
    • Payroll Super report
      • Was messing up sign on vol super figures. Now repaired.
      • Running report repeatedly would double up figures. Now fixed
    • Web content management (v3 websites only)
      • New menu config option which makes menu pickup all content from children/descendant menues. Good for building out heirarchical spec sheets for new unit type. You can define a menu structure New / <Model> / Type.  While at New level you'll see all spec sheets and can drill down via menues to see smaller lists
      • New Spec sheet option: Filter. Adds a filter option for that spec. So spec sheets can then be filtered using params on URL.