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Release 4.794 August 30, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Freight Descriptions on Spares Invoices
    • You can now define freight description which is set on sale complete and prints on tax invoices
    • Description is preset/prefilled for
      • AusPOST queries
      • C9 weborder processing
      • Manual freight drop down selection in complete
      • Shopify orders received (only orders received from now on after update, not retroactive for orders synced into c9 prior to this update)
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Cassons Magician, its back and it's slow. Sloooowwwww.  But at least it gives you actual stock on hand.... Eventually.
    • Accounting reports
      • balance sheet : bug fix with loan account liabilities being reported twice on the sheet. Now fixed.
      • Profit & Loss : Filter out capex should not be reported here.
    • Payruns : added biz restrictions in use of ETP and lump sums as these are being inappropriately used to flag ordinary severance pays in a couple of instances. Strictly requirements for hopefully discourage their incorrect usage.
    • VicRoads Paperwork
      • Form 4 : removed extraneous text about what reported price includes since the form breaks these costs down anyway.
      • Updated Approved operations form to more recent version
      • Added VicRoads concession form
    • Unit sales / profit report : Show # of units in the report in group and grand totals.
    • Shopify order sync tweaks
      • On view order, do a fraud query and see if Shopify has flagged the order with any negative recommendation. Alert user if so
      • On view order : have an option to view raw order data from Shopify
    • View data/replies for AusPOST and Shopify. Allow filtering of result. Also allow values on screen to be copy/pasted onto clipboard
    • Receive spares. Manually add an already stocked item onto a receival. Would not display part location in modify part screen until after part was added. Now fixed.
    • Spare Parts Profit Report : include a filter for location.
    • Magician query show pricing : previously would memorize setting on a per terminal basis and use last setting. Modified so that it is a global config only and doesn't care what operator did before (setup in setup main setup screen, spares 2 tab)
    • Setup : removed some old no longer functional options. (Parts Magician username login & search location)
    • Bugfix with Enter key traversal on POS complete screen. Would traverse into wizard sheets. Now fixed.

Profit Summary and KPI Reporting

Internal technology reworking of profit summary reports will open up lots of  reporting capabilities WRT profit summary data. Such as:

  • Filtering results based on spare part or unit considerations. e.g. only show profit summary WRT honda motorcycles.
  • Inclusion of profit summary in custom miner queries and KPI/Analytics reports

Specifics for this version:

  • Reworked Op2ma Harley KPI/Analytics report.
  • KPI/Analytics report : rewroked profit Summary report