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Release 4.795 September 12, 2019 barney
  • Tweaks and new features
    • Import lusty images + text for website. Requires a lusty metadata file web address reference to work. To be provided by Lusty.
    • C9 Website availability check. Added ability to allow checking for Mojo now mojo magician works really fast
    • Kawasaki Magician : working again. EPC import working too.
    • View txn repair
      • Fixed filters for debtor and creditor txn types. Was incorrectly filtering out some txn types, e.g. bill money txns for creditors
      • Added a subset of txn filters for creditor txn types. e.g. Bills and Bill Pays
      • Improved report output a bit for identifying inv types.
    • Deals.
      • Highlight spares discount if set
      • Fix A bug with some rounding errors on unit sale prices inc.  Some Inc prices cannot be easily arrived at when broken into ex and GST.  e.g. 2860.05.  Base=2600.05.  GST of this is 260.01 with rounding.  Readds to 2860.06.  Added some smarts to deal with this
Website Spec Sheets September 11, 2019 barney

Spec sheets allow you to define crisp looking website content for bikes, promos etc.