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Release 4.795 September 12, 2019 barney
  • Tweaks and new features
    • Import lusty images + text for website. Requires a lusty metadata file web address reference to work. To be provided by Lusty.
    • C9 Website availability check. Added ability to allow checking for Mojo now mojo magician works really fast
    • Kawasaki Magician : working again. EPC import working too.
    • View txn repair
      • Fixed filters for debtor and creditor txn types. Was incorrectly filtering out some txn types, e.g. bill money txns for creditors
      • Added a subset of txn filters for creditor txn types. e.g. Bills and Bill Pays
      • Improved report output a bit for identifying inv types.
    • Deals.
      • Highlight spares discount if set
      • Fix A bug with some rounding errors on unit sale prices inc.  Some Inc prices cannot be easily arrived at when broken into ex and GST.  e.g. 2860.05.  Base=2600.05.  GST of this is 260.01 with rounding.  Readds to 2860.06.  Added some smarts to deal with this