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Release 4.797 October 29, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Database error connectivity tests and alerts.

This version includes some changes to alerts and tests on database connectivity dropouts. A recent issue with respect to processing a job when database connection failed caused the job to be re-saved incorrectly into c9.  This version specifically fixes that scenario but it also includes further changes that make c9 more aggressive in reporting database connectivity errors. These changes might make c9 generate false alarms in obscure parts of c9. Will hose those out if any over next few versions of c9.

Website groupings and variations

This version rolls in a significant enhancement to how parts on c9 websites can group together and is intended to replace the prior mechanisms of enforced stock only merging based on part description and part grouping. Prior mechanism, 8 years old now, is pretty limiting and difficult to wrangle so this improvement is long overdue.

Features of new system:

  • Works on non stocked and stocked items
  • Mapping by description is optional/opt in. Not enforced.
  • Manually mapping is now alot more intuitive. Instead of defining a common 'group' you link two or more parts together.
  • Grouping allows multi dimensional grouping tests. by default colour and size on this initial release but more are possible. On website they appear as separate drop downs.
  • On website side of things, page gen / refresh is quicker and website UI is more intuitive.
  • Only works for v3 websites. There is a manual enablement / opt-in process. To make it happen. This will be documented in a separate post.


  • Other Bigger Changes
    • The Spares Point of Sale screen has been redesigned to break it up into two tabs and fit everything on screen for computers with 720p screens. For people who drive point of sale via keyboard this will add 1 or 2 more key strokes (F10 vs Enter key workflows). For mouse users, one more mouse click.
  • Smaller Tweaks and fixes
    • View Unit : would incorrectly show floorplan cost as $100 when unit cost is set to $0. Purely a screen bug. Was supposed to show 100% as ownership, but instead is showing $100 as floorplan cost. C9 was incorrectly displaying the 100%  as a $100 cost on screen. Now fixed
    • Payroll staff stats. Show -ve signs in order to distinguish entitlements like annual leave when they are under-water
    • Print label on unit purchase broken due to recent changes to c9 labels. Should now be working again.
    • Import Excel files. A couple of files would fail with old c9 (SCP and Bikes and Bits). Updated propitiatory library c9 uses to decode XLS files.  Modify c9 to provide more useful feedback on error. Results:
      • SCP Still broken, but c9 now provides more useful info for reason why. Result: "unsupport excel95 format"
      • Bikes and Bits.  Still broken. Appears to be something broken with their file. If you resave excel file seems to come good.
    • Select customer. Include a couple of tabs to filter down to either account customers only or trade customers.
    • Sales leads. Filter option will now also filter on unit type.
    • Receive Order labels. New configuration options ( in setup -> orders ) that allow fine tuning of labels. Specifically:
      • Option to print one label per part number line item or one label per individual part. (Default being one label per customer order)
      • Option to print part description on label if per line item or per individual part is selected
      • Option to filter out workshop and unit based orders from label printing : so only print labels for spares counter / on reserve sales.
    • Map parts to website category. Allow mapping based on meta data. This new mapping system provides a couple of functional and technical improvements. Main functional improvement is that it will allow non stocked parts to be mapped to multiple locations on a website based on master file meta data parameters.
      • Edit web group. New fields to mapping a web page to parts with matching attributes
      • Create structure from attributes. New option that will feed new fields too, removing need to manually refresh mapping
    • Website settings: add a button that tells webserver to drop and regenerate page caches. Needed for moment while all new changes to page mapping and variations cycle through.
    • View invoiced units.  Show the involved customer, not just the seller. Make the differences between brought, sold, consigned, traded sales more visually obvious (with color coding & additional fields).
    • Spares Point of Sale. New Button next to tallies. When clicked it opens a new window that provides breakdown on margins on each line.
    • Move part : allow moving of history when moving an individual part.