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Release 4.798 November 4, 2019 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Point of Sale complete. Move Freight sel button to list of buttons at bottom of screen since its selection will impact both tabs on newly designed complete screen. Move will also save a keypress for keyboard users where no freight is needed.
    • Various reports with date ranges. When clicking on 'daily' assume operator means today, not the first day of the currently setup reporting period.
    • copy Freight description from originating invoice if originating invoice is a reserve or if original invoice has a freight value of $0.Prior logic only copied description if originating invoice have a "freight to invoice later" value >0. The original rule doesn't work in many scenarios, e.g. when tracking free freight
    • Workshop planner, highlight notes lines by making the description text red.
    • Spares POS invoices : print cust email addr on invoice too if set. (Useful for workflows when doing AusPOST freight etc manually).
    • Record not found false positives removed
      • Cancel parts on order, via invoice
      • Part buy/sell history
    • Discounting on orders / laybys etc.
      • In point of sale Complete : Highlight in bold red discount line if a discount is in play
      • In view invoice. Show Discounting Particulars
    • Web order paypal processing.  Cancelling parts on order and return deposit would not connect to paypal correctly to refund deposit. Would generate an error on screen and would require manually processing on paypal site to finalize. Now fixed (caused by changes a couple of months ago to accommodate shopify integration)
    • Xero syncing on spares invoices due date tweaks
      • Added ability to configure as a date rule, instead of just ordinary x days since inv date. Some examples:
        • "date:1+2m-1d"  (last day of next month)
        • "20th of next month"
      • Added ability to configure a global rule for Xero which will apply and override all supplier specific rules.