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Released 4.801 November 26, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Supplier returns integrated into the order book

This version Includes a significant reworking of supplier returns handling.  Supplier returns flagged as bill later are now managed in the orderbook itself.  You 'receive' a return and indicate which parts are refunded and which are not. The new orderbook also allows mixing of parts, so a receival invoice can also include returns on the same receival.


  • Tweaks and tidies
    • Deals. Show invoice date vs deal date on finalized deals tab.
    • Part Buy Sell. Recently added button to print SS list would resize oddly on screens where window was not default size. Now fixed.
    • Point of Sale Complete : show total in bold red if it is a -ve value
    • Some subtle refinements and reorganising on how spares point of sale margin is computed and used. Specifics
      • On a refund, compute the margin is the difference between original sale price and refund price. So any actions that mess with this will show up as a margin issue. e.g. clearing invoice discount on refund means refund is greater than the original sale. Or manually messing with pricing data.
      • Refresh point of sale cost total screen After going past F10 complete as figures here can changed as a result of things done on the complete screen (e.g. changing discount rate) so when looking at Staff clerk key screen and it nags that there is a margin issue, on the screen behind it you can see the figures that triggered this
      • View price details on point of sale. Show computed margin value (as a unit value) on the list. Note that computed margin is margin + at cost markup (defaults to 17%) which may differ from min margin clerk key alert setting.
      • Min margin clerk key guard : only apply to sold parts, not refunded parts.
    • Spares on workshop. Now tag as 'WS:1234' instead of 'Workshop:1234'.  Space limitation for a c9 dealer recently converted to c9 whose prior DMS numbered job nos where 7 digit.
    • Profit summary report.  Grand total profit % change broken. Was showing % change from prior subtotal.
    • C9 Fitment will now show hardpart / aftermarket fitment for a given part #.  (Previously would only show OEM parts). Only works for locally installed fitment info.
    • Fox Racing
      • Added new parts magician slot for Fox Racing
      • Allow F12 magician work with Fox Racing
      • Allow 'cross pollination' between Monza and Fox Magician queries, just like KTM/Husky/WP, for slackers who haven't moved Fox parts into a new franchise yet.
    • Order book : button + hotkey to drop highlighted part number into clipboard
    • Website variations management. Added some helpers to make it easier to manage web content (images and text) on variations.
      • A visual indicator which parts do and do not have web content
      • Ability to access web content management from this screen
      • A button to bulk copy web content from highlighted part to all parts that currently do not have web content
    • Unit sale. A failed sale due to something like journal error (e.g. a deal with a deposit and operator tries to finalize it as a quote), operator immediately retries and it under some circumstances trigger a 'fetch error' and results in a crap txn being written into the DB.  Now added some guards to protect against this sort of thing.
    • Unit deal print : option on print to print as a pro forma invoice
    • Access add transaction from trial balance screen : to provide a place where you can add txns and eyeball contact balances in same place.
    • New GL Expense code : Staff training
    • Point of sale : edit discount. compute of discount from final $ plus parts on order hopelessly broken and has been for some time. Now fixed.
    • Magician Query : now queries Honda's public DeadStock database.

Honda Dead stock result: common part:

Honda Dead stock result: an uncommon part: