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Release 4.806 January 9, 2020 barney
  • Tweaks and Bugfixes
    • Receive spares involving units (typically for PE suppliers like Husky and Stihl). Where units are on backorder c9 would not yet you move forward and kept asking for unit particulars even though there are none to provide. Now fixed.
    • Triumph EPC import. Not working due to Login changes. Now should be working again.
    • Tweak to workaround a misconfigured email server just encountered.  Mail server reports it is happy with TLS1.0 on SSL handshake then cracks it when java tries to connect with TLS1.0.  Tweaked things in c9 so we can force a specific protocol (in this case TLSv1.2). Tweak needs to happen low level code.  [See com.c8systems.c9.notify.SampleSSLSMTPMail]
    • Point of sale credit. Would not memorize the other line description in many circumstances (or replace it with freight description). Now fixed.
    • Print Order Receive.  Print spares freight description if any
    • Added Part image / meta data importer for Whites Powersports
    • Print/email statement for individual customer under some specific scenarios system will grab default email not account email.  (Specifically : print individual statement, with option to print individual txns listed. There are spares invoices in the list. User selects email from preview screen, email will have default email, not account email addr).