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Release 4.808 January 21, 2020 barney
  • Tweaks and Fixes
    • Web order processing emails would show  a column called 'items to ship' which would include items already invoiced which can mislead customers into thinking goods are about to be doubled up when things come off backorder. Tweaked the email msg to include a new column : goods already invoiced. Items to ship will show uninvoiced items ready to go.
    • Make BRP magician smarter. Cycle through available product lines until we make a match. Previously would only work for watercraft dealers / partnums
    • View sent email message. Allow window to be resized.
    • Save report as CSV file.  Would crash for statements which have individual invoices embedded. Now fixed.
    • Workshop print invoice.  Use  setup printer setting, "Display Print dialog infront of key reports" for workshop jobs invoiced. (previously only applied for spares invoices).