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Release 4.812 February 27, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Unit paperwork terms and conditions. Option to load in your own T&C in the preview paperwork stage. Will memorize T&C loaded and use that instead from now on. Must be a PDF file.
  • Web order processing with credit cards and PC-EFTPOS when PC-EFTPOS will allow Moto.  Under some exotic scenarios it is possible have c9 load incorrect card details into point of sale. Now fixed. (Specifically, if you f6 a part mid point of sale and from there go bounce onto a different web order it can cause c9 to load card details of the unrelated web order into PC EFTPOS)
  • Unit Profit report. Running report multiple times will incorrectly reprint the last subtotal computed from prior report run ontop of a newly generated report. Now fixed.
  • Added new GL sales code : grant income
  • Dealership details.  Make postcode entry a 4 character alpha, not a number. Numbers no good for NT as their postcodes start with 0. C9 will store it less the leading zero, which messes with single touch payroll
Release 4.811 February 17, 2020 barney

New version up that includes changes to Honda Magician check to work with SAP updates performed over the weekend.  Good luck.

Release 4.810 February 11, 2020 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

NT Paperwork: Added Unit Sale forms / Contracts and particulars for unit sales in Northern Territory

Orderbook performance: This version includes significant CPU performance optimizations for order book find functionality. For large order books,  more than couple of thousand rows searching can take a second or two to update between keystrokes, even on reasonably modern computers. Now should be significantly faster.

Other Tweaks and fixes

  • Profit summary : would only report unit costs on sale of unit. Now reports on day the unit cost is raised.
  • Default Variation generation : Make 'LG' in description match for a size variation
  • Email order notifications : include a shop name + details at bottom of automatically generated email
  • (Experimental) : added Suzuki EPC importer using data supplied by Suz Aus.  Lots of issues still to resolve with the data itself so a long way away before it is ready for serious use.