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Release 4.810 February 11, 2020 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

NT Paperwork: Added Unit Sale forms / Contracts and particulars for unit sales in Northern Territory

Orderbook performance: This version includes significant CPU performance optimizations for order book find functionality. For large order books,  more than couple of thousand rows searching can take a second or two to update between keystrokes, even on reasonably modern computers. Now should be significantly faster.

Other Tweaks and fixes

  • Profit summary : would only report unit costs on sale of unit. Now reports on day the unit cost is raised.
  • Default Variation generation : Make 'LG' in description match for a size variation
  • Email order notifications : include a shop name + details at bottom of automatically generated email
  • (Experimental) : added Suzuki EPC importer using data supplied by Suz Aus.  Lots of issues still to resolve with the data itself so a long way away before it is ready for serious use.