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Release 4.815 March 24, 2020 barney

This version includes a couple of tweaks to make listing accessories on web a bit smoother / simpler. Specifically targeting Lusty.  Actual changes

  • Lusty img import : import 'brand' attribute as 'webbrand' so it doesn't conflict with 'brand' attribute on price file. They are coded differently so compete to update same attr and order of things of doing img import vs price file update can have inconsistent and unpredictable effects because of this.
  • Lusty img import : importing category attribute. Was being decoded poorly making website menu built from it a bit crap.  Now fixed ( lusty data uses '/' by convention for separating child menus, while c9 uses '|'.  Tweak code to make needed switcharoos).
  • A more complex change, difficult to describe but will instead describe its effect. On creating a structure now, with 'automatic' setting in play, it is now possible & easier to map parts in multiply ways.  For example with lusty you can map by brand and the category to create a shop by brand structure, but also simultaneously map by category only to flatten it out without regard for brand. (allow multi field partmapping to website. tweak matching against existing structure to be stricter and more correct, esp when partmapping is in play).

Other changes:

  • Stock take. On stocktake by partnumber provide option to key in part number ranges to stocktake. For dealers that substantially organise and stocktake by partnumber ranges (as opposed to bin locations).