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Release 4.821 May 4, 2020 barney

The PayPal Rest API release

C9 now supports Rest based API.

Switching to Rest  you will gain and you will lose.

Gain: More reliable and faster txn processing.

Lose: During checkout stage, customers can no longer be able pick freight option in paypal itself as the Rest API doesn't provide any facility for c9 to let Paypal know what freight options are. So freight in paypal will lock in and default to first freight option in c9 if you go for express checkout.  Once user navigates to freight page, if they change their freight option  the website will advise them they'll need to redo paypal to capture new shipping option.  If this turns out to be a negative user experience one option is to drop the express checkout option for paypal on first checkout page, instead force user to key in all their particulars and then pick paypal on payments page.

How to switch to Rest API.

In c9 : setup -> main setup screen -> paypal tab. Are two new fields, Client and Secret. You need to fill these in. Make sure you leave existing settings alone : as these are still needed to finalise any existing orders feeding through. For brand new sites, skip over these.

So need client and secret. How to get this.

Firstly you need to login to a developer paypal website. This is not your normal paypal website! Address:

Click on 'Log into Dashboard'

Then click on 'My Apps and Credentials'

Set your app name to be C9 Website and click on create app. Next screen you'll see client and secret. Copy these into c9.

Once done, wait a few seconds and then jump on your c9 website and do a test order

Note: if you are enabling Paypal for the first time, contact barney. Paypal integration requires another step to be performed on the webserver to make it all happen.


  • Removed delete units not imported in advanced fiche import options. This option is way too dangerous given little/no guarantees EPC datasets are easily accessible.