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Release 4.829 June 19, 2020 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Profit summary report changes
    • Provide a count column. Meaning varies per section. For spares, it corresponds to each invoice line, for units each unit, for workshop, each service job.
    • Split unit reporting into new/used
    • Provide a simplified 'overview' report. Showing a handful of key metrics:
      • Accessories gross + profit
      • OEM gross + profit
      • Workshop labour gross
      • Units sales gross + profit
  • Unit deals : provide two tabs, to separate out active deals and quotes
  • Other fixes and tweaks
    • Low level NullPointer fix I thought I fixed 4 years ago still broken. Would cause screens with expandable trees in them like orderbook to render strangely which 'tears' the display. Should now work more reliably
    • Workshop scheduler. If you access clocking from here it would change the displayed job in modify task to job last touched in clocking screen. Now fixed.
    • Point of Sale supply early / already handled orderbook interaction : do not do this for UOM stuff as it is unable to apply UOM adjusted qtys to already handled in orderbook
    • Unit contract particulars, allow definition of standard / global notes printed on all particulars. (accessed via setup screen ,units tab)