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Release 4.830 July 3, 2020 barney

Fixes and tweaks

  • Bugfix with browsing notifications¬† could display record fetch error. Root cause is sending invoices for internal jobs: would work seem to work fine but setup a subtle problem that triggers browse notification screen to fail.¬† Possible other pathways exist in c9 that could trigger same/similar issues. Bug potential has been there for a long time (since 2016 at least), but only just received a report of bad behaviour this week. Underlying issue now fixed.
  • Edit estimate : allow window to be resized / maximised
  • Point of sale, once # of parts on list fills the screen make sure scroll window to bottom whenever a new part is added
  • AusPOST integration
    • confirm despatch screen : added search and toggle all feature to help out dealers who are doing large volumes of online order fulfillment and need tools to help to finetune their daily freight manifest.
    • Open label screen. Now has an advanced tab where you can manually configure pdf viewer open config. This can be used to force PDF viewer to print to a specific printer. e.g. something like this (the {f} is replaced with actual PDF received from AusPOST)
      AcroRd32.exe /N /T {f} "auspostlabelprinter"