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Release 4.832 July 16, 2020 barney

This version includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade.


  • Update can take upto 15 minutes to apply, if your database is massive and/or your server computer is slow/old.

  • This update generates alot of new data that needs to be backed up. Online backups may take a couple of hours to catchup after update is applied. You will see 'Backup: copying' display in top of c9 for a few hours after upgrading.

  • This version can only work on version 10 postgres. If you are running version 8.4 postgres you will not be given the option to upgrade to this version. V 4.831 c9 is the last version of c9 for which postgres 8.4 can work with.


Reworking of Spare parts and spare parts searching

This version includes significant changes to how spare parts searching works, especially the F2 find part screen. Specifics:

  • Part searching is now only sensitive to alphabet and numbers.  So things like slash (/) full stop etc (.) no longer affect part searching.  If you happen to have a part in system with is the same except for these special characters, c9 will pop an screen to clarify which one you want.
    • For Beta dealers, system is smart enough to cope with non dot parts superceding to dotted parts so it will not constantly nag you to select one of the other. If c9 detects similar parts supercede to same item it will just present the one option
    • For Toro dealers, standard toro part number brain damage where 90-123 and 901-23 describe completely different parts still applies / is retained.
  • Part search screen now resolves supers in realtime so when looking at a supers part you'll see the final price, qty and description that applies.
  • Color coding of part find screen has changed to reflect the point of sale color coding scheme. The screen no longer color codes based on whether or not a part supercedes. Instead it color codes according to:
    • blue: Not carried
    • in stock and qty>0 : black
    • in stock but no qty. Red
  • The screen should generally feel alot faster than previously. Scrolling, searching filtering etc should feel snappier
  • These changes are made in part to support dealers who maintain their own part numbering systems to allow them to 'organise' parts into an internal system that they like : who wish to migrate to supplier parts (c9 recommended setup) but wish to retain their old numbering system and its process advantages by making them superceed to supplier parts instead. This way when you eyeball these superceded internal parts, you'll see supplier partnumber, supercessions, and supplier description etc organised according to your internal part number scheme but where everything is tracked by supplier part numbers : with all the advantages that provides, e.g. importing PDF invoices, getting price files, magician checking etc. e.g.:

Other changes

  • Import price file. Generally should work alot faster.
  • Supercessions
    • Now resolve faster but since we are taking 10ms vs 20ms generally should not notice. Reverse SS resolution when doing view part buy/sell screen though should be alot faster.
    • Supercessions will no longer 'repair' in event of a bad supers on import price file. Instead they will retain and display error prominently in view screen. There are some edge cases where rewriting supercessions is bad as it 'destroys' potentially important information.  C9 will still rewrite supercessions it the bad supercession is a stocked item, because otherwise you will no longer be able to access the stock record if it now sits within a bad supers chain, and this is easily a far more serious consequence than rewriting bad supers.
    • Supercessions can now be infinitely long. 'Long supercession chain' is no longer a thing. Only dead and looping supers chains are reported.
  • Link Int magician check : working again
  • Payroll ABA Export. Do not export records for staff with a $0 payrun.
  • Modify purchase unit on deal. If unit was not on system already (e.g. as a unit that has been serviced), then modify would damage record on the deal and make it impossible to fixup the deal without c9 tech support help. Now fixed.
  • Low level changes
    • improve memory usage of orderbook and list screens in general. Now 90%/95% more efficient. Large orderbooks + very inefficient memory storage of screen lists are potentially a common cause of out of memory errors in c9.
    • added network idle timeout for db connections. If unused for over an hour recycle the connection. Mainly affects fiche browsing as this uses its own DB connection that isn't kept active. For networks that tear down network links after 2 hours but don't respond with network RSTs when connections wake up again.