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Release 4.837 July 26, 2020 barney

Requires DB update, you'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Bugfix with cloud backup.  Under some circumstances verify task will not run.

Verify usually happens once a day. It main purpose is to double check copy of c9 is same as what is in the cloud. Beyond verification one useful thing it does is make sure your entire database is functioning as it will double check everything is accessible and correct, including very old historical invoices etc.

Recent changes to how F2 select part works can interfere with verify. If you search for parts by description like this:

This sets the database up in a way where verify cannot complete. It will run but never finish meaning verify will never finalise. Closing F2 screen is not enough, you need to close c9 terminal where F2 screen was done in order to unwedge it. Result is eventually verify report due and then overdue.

Technical root cause and fix:  Search by description creates a temporary table which uses same primary key semantics cloud backup uses to trigger backups. Verify tries, incorrectly to verify a 'temporary table' description search creates and fails because the table isn't accessible to it. Two fixes

  • Make verify only check permanent tables. Skip over temporary tables
  • F2 select part screen : drop all temporary tables on closing this screen.

Non functioning verify is not a critical error as error detection rate for verify is less than <0.1% . But it can put significant load on database server as once verify goes undone for more than 24 hours, c9 will spin more aggressively trying to complete a verify which will cause unnecessary disk thrashing.