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Release 4.843 August 18, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Some electronic invoice importing tweaks and tidies
    • Tweaked import process so it can grab other costs. Two areas where this currently applies
      1. For Lusty PDF Invoices, credit card surcharge comes in as a other cost
      2. For E-Ref importing where you are importing an invoice with something in 'Other' slot
    • On Receive close and reload previous work, previously would not memorise tweaks to GST / Final price. Now added
  • F2 Select part bugs (Again!)
    • If you add a part via F2 it should highlight the added part. Broken by recent changes to c9. Now working again.
  • Unit Deals : show tally of deposits held at bottom of the screen. Tally is sensitive to selected screen filter, so you can eyeball difference of quotes vs active deals for example.
  • Backorder Magician : option to suppress printing pricing info on result, so printout can be given to customers.
  • Tweaks to Honda Invoice API importing.  Have had a couple of reports of importer bringing in wrong data, wrong qtys sometimes, possibly related to orders with oil drums on them. Digging into it the issue is firmly at Honda end. The pathology is pretty complex and I am unable to reliably create something that can compensate for it, but it is possible to easily detect the problem. This version includes changes that detect and warn whenever it happens. In instances where it happens recommend either receive manually or receive via PDF import instead. Hopefully Honda will come through with a repair in their systems before too long.