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Release 4.848 September 4, 2020 barney

Couple of tweaks with this one

  • Bank rec again : couple of ergonomic changes to deal with discordant delete txns
    • For cash till counts, default discordant deletes as already being dealt with. For bank rec/ cash rec old behaviour of defaulting to '-' unreconciled will remain. This will mean cash tills will generally push through alot easier for guys who don't really worry too much about formal reconciliation
    • On bank rec save error because of unreconciled discordant deletes  : warn  user exactly why the save failed, instead of vague 'verification error' message
  • New Harley EPC importer added for importing EPC stuff from h-dnet portal. At this stage it doesn't bring in hotspot data (there really isn't any but possibly in future we might be able to extract it from SVG images), also it only imports models from 2000 onwards. Since alot of mid 90s models and models before are not digitized.