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Websites have just had a big refresh applied targeting performance.  First big performance review since going to V3.

Design goal of c9 is for every page to load at 0.1 seconds or faster.  Some creeping performance losses over last 12 months have now been improved. Some pages, such as looking at a single part, were taking about 0.3 seconds, x3 what I'd normally like.

So comparison of website performance for a c9 website. Navigating from home page to an assembly. Comparing to a dealership with diagrams on their website but use a competitor product, not c9.

C9 website:  71ms (brand) + 77ms (year) + 85ms (model) + 151ms (assembly) = 0.384 seconds to get to the assembly

Non c9 website: 817ms (brand) + 659ms (year) + 2044ms(model) + 2140 (assembly) = 5.6 seconds to get to the assembly. Nearly x15 slower


Positive website experience relies on website feeling fast. Alot of things we do at c9 to help achieve this.

  • Host servers in Australia (in a data center in Sydney). Physically closer they are to you the better. That time to cross an ocean if hosted in US or Asia makes a big difference to website performance.
  • Dedicated Hardware hosting. Cheaper option is to use virtual hosting but generally is alot slower
  • Alot of work to make sure the database that powers the website is tuned and does its jobs very efficiently